Friday, January 12, 2007

I love you. The story of us.

*Warning* Long and boring post ahead. Read at your own risk*

I was the goody two shoes girl and you were the boy that all teachers remember. Not because you were a brilliant role model student but because you were the naughtiest in class. Teacher had to constantly call out your name and give multiple warnings for you to behave.

I was the girl that sat down quietly with my own group of galfriends at the right hand corner of the classroom. Never moving around in class or mixing with other boys. You were the boy that sat right in front of the teacher’s table at the right hand corner of the classroom so that the teacher can closely monitor you. You never ever came over to my side. I didn’t go over to your side.

We were in different worlds.

That was year 1999.

5 years later and being in the same class 4 out of those 5 times, somehow or rather…

We got together. Right after Form 5. Right after our SPM examinations. Right when we had to choose our next education path. Where should I go after high school?

The goody 2 shoes gal with the boy that is famous with the entire board of discipline teachers and his second home BEING the disciplinary room!

I was shocked myself too… Is this possible? Will this work? What am I thinking?

Everyone started to ask me, “Shin, are you sure you wanna be with him?”

I wasn’t sure myself too but somehow…

Then, we went into Form 6 together and those 2 years were the best. Some people dislike being in the same school let alone in the same class together. But being in the same class meant that I could steal a glance at him whenever I feel like it.

Though most of the time he would be dozing off. =.=

And hanging out together whenever we can when the teacher was absent.

Complaining about our teachers together. Discussing about the happenings in school and gossiping about our friends together.

And having our recess together. Taking turns to eat with our respective group of friends. But which ever group that we choose, either of us would be the only gal or guy on that table. =)

Stressing for our STPM together. Trying mighty hard and making numerous efforts to go to the state library and study. But failing most of the time. He always fell asleep halfway. Him helping me with Physics and Mathematics though I always couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell me. I love it all the same.

Wishing each other good luck before every examinations and asking each other what answers we put on those tricky questions. Going to tuitions together. Him being the driver. =) Letting our teachers tease both of us knowing fully well that we are together.

Bracing ourselves for our STPM results and finally taking it together. Us being totally terrified that we would fail everything. Luckily both our results were okay. Proving to our family that we can juggle studies and relationship together.

Spending the next 6 months working part time jobs. Tackling jobs challenges together. Being totally uncertain with our future. Should we apply for the same university? What if we don’t get into the same university?

Finally, fate bringing him to study all the way in Malacca and me in Selangor. Which by the way was 2 hours drive! No problem right I hear you say. We were so used to seeing each other every single day, doing every single thing together. Now…

But we survived. He came back every weekend and we use what remaining days we have to catch up on each others life.

Now, my family would be migrating to Vietnam soon and if all goes well I would be studying in US this August. I may never come back. I never know. What should we do?

Everyone is asking me this question. What about him?

I have no answers to this question. What can I say? I know I will try my utmost best to make this relationship work out. I believe that if we are meant to be we will be together no matter what.

Every adult I meet will advised me to not close my heart at such a young age. There's plenty of fishes out there. I should go out and explore. I will definitely change my mindset when I grow older.

But what if I already find a perfect guy?

I love that he will always leave the last mouth of every dish for me.

I love that he has a totally babyish side of him that makes him funny yet adorable at the same time. Making me laugh every moment.

I love that he took 3 A4 papers to make a card for me coz I complained to him that he didn’t make anything for me. It wasn’t any Hallmark card but its better than anyone put together.

I love that he prepared steamboat for me at his house all by himself juz coz I said I love steamboat.

I love that he bought me a bouquet of roses and sent it over to my house by delivery on Valentine’s Day and then sat a cab to get to the place I was working at tat time to wish me Happy Valentine’s Day.

I love that he recorded songs that he sang together with his guitar and sent it through the internet so I could save it into my mp3 and listen to it while I was on vacation.

I love that he fetched me to school every single day for 2 years even though it was out of his way.

I love that he was the one that suggested that we took sticker photo together even though I wasn’t to keen on it. Now I am the one to persuade him though…

I love that he buys me breakfast every time he comes over to my house.

I love that he called everyone in our class on how to boil porridge and sent it over to my house the first time I was sick.

I love that he prepared Vitamin C for me every morning in a bottle so I can drink in class.

I love that he put little love notes in my pencil case when I wasn’t looking.

I love that I see resemblance in him and in my father. His character and thoughts.

I love that he is totally comfortable with my family. Even my dad jokes with him now...

I love that everytime I feel our relationship will not last, he will do or say something to ensure me that we can get through this.

I love that he shares with me whenever he feels that there's some girl in his university that he thinks have the hots for him. No problem man! =| I can take it!

I love that he tells me stories of his friends in the university even though I have never met them.

I love that he is my best friend and I can confide everything in him.

I love that I know he will always be there for me.

I love that he is my highschool sweetheart.

Happy Anniversary Cody.



Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. He sounds so sweet and nice. That's what a boyfriend should be. But they are special in their own way. I wish you all the best with him.

terra shield said...

so sweet... he's very lucky to have a gf like you. All the best!

narrowband said...

I'm so gonna learn to be like Cody.

Anonymous said...

oh my god that's sooo sweeet. it seems like you guys have been together for so many years!! sigh, long distance r/s sucks, but remember, it can work out sometimes too.

just have faith.


happy anniversary to you, girl. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Princes Shin!
This is not boring post. It is very interesting and well writen love story. Wonderful!
Good luck to you!

-Princess Shin- said...

miss positive,
Thanks! He is sweet and nice! =) But everybody is special in their own way! Thanks for dropping by!

terra shield,
thanks! Hehe.. he is lucky all right! Hope he feels that way! Wahaha...

really? Then i must meet you too! =)
Thanks for dropping by!

Yeah.. it's our 3rd year anniversary. I really hope it works out too! THanks for dropping by!

Really? Thank you so much! I am so glad you like it! =) You just made my day!

freelunch2020 said...

oh that's beautiful.

CrazyGrr| said...

awwwww.. so sweet!!

r u going to SUA? ;)

The Angel said...

Cool, wish all the best to you both :)

-Princess Shin- said...

really? Thanks! You're so sweet! =)

Hehe.. thanks! glad you like it!

Well.. *smiles*

Aww.. Thanks! Nice of you to drop by! Take care ya!

MerapuMan said...

ah.. in love huh. :)

-Princess Shin- said...

haha.. u sound like a sarcastic old man! =)

zewt said...

too bad you're leaving for the states eh?

Susu Kacang said...

wow, a touching love story..

you are perfect for each other already...wishing both of u a happy valentine's day!

Redsponge said...

Hi Princess Shin, I came here after reading your comment on my blog. :) Thanks for your compliment.

I have been looking for a chatbox or something to drop you a hi, but there is not one here.

And somehow I read this post.

And guess what? My hubby and I were classmates before too. We did everything together like you and Cody. I cant help giggling here as I was reading it!

This post has certainly reminded me of what happened 10 years ago! ;p

Different from you, my husband and I went to same university and we are colleagues now! Fate! Haha..

Hey, I really wish that your r/s will work out! Anyway, you know that you will always have this good friend no matter where you are!