Saturday, September 30, 2006


Communication.. How it has change over the years..

Long long time ago.. kings, knights and princesses communicate with each other by either sending a rider thru deserts or across continents or by pigeons.. You tie the respective note on the bird's feet and pray to god that he knows the particular destination. Though I always wonder how the bird knew who he's master's friend was... i mean the master may have plenty of friends.. What if the little birdie sent to the wrong mistress or something?

Anyway... things have slowly evolved... during my parent's time... it was writing romantic letters... my dad was in London doing his degree and in that 3 years they were apart.. They communicated thru romantic letters which up till this day... my mum still keeps it hidden somewhere in the house.

My point is... snail mail is slowly becoming obsolete... e-mail is gradually overtaking the traditional way of conveying your deepest thoughts on a piece of paper... putting in into an envelope... sealing it with a kiss... walking to the post office and finally putting it into the mail box. And not forgetting praying that it will reach the recipient safely withot it being lost in the mail. I'm not complaining that technology now has saved us a lot of time and energy. Not to mention the immediate response you'll get in receiving or sending the mail. But don't ya think that e-mailing lack personality? Imagine you're terribly missing someone and while you're writing the love letter... big drops of tears slide down your cheek and onto the paper at the same time smudging all your handwriting. With this... the recipient will definitely notice the smudges and know that the writer was crying while she/he wrote this. (Guys can cry too)

e-mail can't do this.

I'm not complaining though... I just receive a totally romantic e-mail today... *smiles* by my beloved boyfriend... not gonna tell you the details... =) but i was all smiley after i read it... but you know wat... i'm worried that someday... when the internet or my e-mail suddenly closes down.. Gone is all my love e-mails! With letter you can actually keep it till the day you die! Literally! (note to bf: not complaining though.. don't stop k?)

Anyway... as i was saying... communication is really essential to a relationship... telling each other ur daily happenings or ur frustrations and dreams... sharing with each other your thoughts and worries.. even if you are not together always. Because only with communication can we keep the relationship alive. Without proper communication, your partner can be just a passer-by or some stranger across the street! What makes a relationship strive is when you can practically share all your troubles to each other.. not necessarily solving each other's problem but just being there to lend a ear and giving love and support to each other is important enough..

I'm glad that my boyfriend is someone that I can confide in and share my dreams and troubles with.

On another note... how you communicate is also very important. How you present your thoughts and feelings to the audience... are you able to fully convey your most essential thoughts to your readers? Catching their full attention? Making them so engrossed into your story that they can feel how it is like to be you? Are we able to do that? Do we have the ability to do that? What is the right choice of words? Do we do it in a humorous way or in a serious tone? Especially in writing. it's definately not easy.

Why did I bring this up? Well... i have got 2 essays that i need to write and pass up by end of this week. Fyi it's for my application to the university! I have written these essays long time ago but now.. I sort of feel that I have to re-write everything again. I just gave my father to read it and he said my essay lack personality. (yeah.. darling.. ur right!) It is just informative! I wasn't able to fully convey my true inner thoughts into it!

just FYI again, the 2 essays are titled 'a defining moment' and 'a disappointment or a setback'

He also said you couldn't feel anything after reading the 2 essays. And I must do something about it. But how do you put feelings into an essay that cannot exceed 300 words? I mean my this blog alone is like 100000 words! ok.. I know it's not true but you know what I mean!

How am I gonna convey my feelings properly when I have to worry about my grammar, my punctuation, my 'perfect' manglish (Malaysian English), my simple babyish choice of words and most importantly not to be too long winded..! like now..! sigh.. >.<>

Dear admission officer,

I'm tired of thinking and stressing on how to properly convey my inner personality into my essay. Attached here in my blog's address. Please feel free to log onto my blog and read my entrees to get more information on how I live my life. If time is permissible, you may even leave a comment or two. I do hope you will be a frequent reader too. Thank you and have a nice day.

Yours truly,
Princess Shin

now that would be a blast don't ya think?

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