Saturday, January 13, 2007

Earning money!!! PayPerPost!

I have always doubt how people can actually earn money through having blogs. I mean having blogs to jot down your life's happenings, your feelings and everything is all fun and all but earning money? Can you actually do that? So easy wan meh?

I notice this PayPerPost thing quite a while ago but didn't really click on it or do anything about it but when i finally did click on it, i discovered a whole new world out there! An entire cosmos for me to discover! Imagine, you can actually earn money just sitting in front of the computer at the comfort of your own house or office by merely just typing away!

How does this work you ask?

Well, first you sign up for PayPerPost. Then you submit your blog and wait for a few days while they evaluate your blog. After your blog is approve you will then choose opportunities to blog. Opportunities are kinda like products that you can choose to review and PayPerPost will then pay you for reviewing it.

How much will it be? Well, a simple opportunity will cost 5 dollars to 8 dollars. Some harder ones may go up to 20 dollars to 50 dollars! I just sign up last thursday and already I'm earning 20 dollars! Including this post of course! =)

I read a Malaysian blogger a few minutes ago and she has earn 1000 dollars in just one month! Talk about money falling from the sky. Amazing right?

I hope to help reduce my parents burden in financing me to university. I know its not a lot of but at least I am earning something. Now I don't have to beg my parents for money to feed on my daily dose of buying tops every month! That counts for something right? Hehe..


pink fairy princess sa said...

you're serious?
but I guess I need to get myself a number of readers for my blog first before i can register for payperpost..

Merv Kwok said...

i don't think i could ever blog for profits :P might give it a try tho

-Princess Shin- said...

pink fairy princess sa,
Yup! Serious! Amazing right? Though i still have to wait for my post to be approved! Will tell you when i officially get the money! =)

merv kwok,
Yeah.. i know wat you mean! I didn't too.. but after that.. haha.. no harm trying! =)

pink fairy princess sa said...

okok...make sure you ping me when you get the kaching kaching

Menchie said...

Oh this is interesting. Maybe I should try it.

-Princess Shin- said...

pink fairy princess sa,
hehe.. 2 of my post are approved! So i get 10 dollars now! =)

Yeah.. definitely... nothing wrong with earning a bit extra money right? =)