Friday, March 02, 2007

My birthday!

Went to Soul Out for dinner yesterday with Cody! =)

Know where Soul Out is? Its in Desa Sri Hartamas. A corner shop. Wanna find the best place to get cheap reasonable food? Wanna find a place that serves western, Chinese, Indian and Malaysian food all mixed together?

Soul Out is definitely the place.

And if its your birthday, they will give you a cute little pointy hat with candles on top and sing a song for you! Take a picture for you and give you the picture 10 minutes later.

No extra charge.

You have to have a birthday cake of coz. If you don't then just order a slice from them. RM 7.50. I ordered a espresso banana cake. Surprisingly delicious! Haha..

These was what me and Cody ate. We were too hungry. ^.^

We started with soup of the day. They have different soup for each day. Thursday was prawn and corn soup.

Meal fit only for me! Wahaha..

This is supposed to be in the kids menu. But we love it!

Macaroni and Cheese for just Rm 9.90! Super cheesy!

Caesar salad with roast beef. RM 13 I think.

Lingunni Vogole with clams. RM 15

Curry Mee for RM13 I think.

Rich and creamy! Yummy!!!

Forgot to take my cake. Hehe.. I absolutely recommend this place for either with friends to hangout or a dating place. Had tons of fun with Cody. Even if it was just both of us. Actually I quite like celebrating my birthday with only Cody. The most special person.

Romantic mah! =)

Thanks Mr.Cody! Muarx!


~TheAngel~ said...

Happy Birthday!

Terra Shield said...

The linguini looks absolutely yummy! hehehe :D

LcF said...

Happy birthday, Princess Shin :)

zewt said...

hey, happy birthday !

Wong said...

Happy Birthday

-Princess Shin- said...

Thanks! =)

terra shield,
I know. I'm hungry just looking at it now! Sigh.. I should put less pictures from now on. No good for me! Haha..

Thanks! Thanks for dropping by too!

Take care!

HellO! Thank you! =)

Thanks! ^.^ Whoever u are!