Thursday, March 15, 2007

Best Day Ever by Winnie The Pooh

My day started off really well in the morning. But somehow during the later evening, in the night, things started to turn sour.

Not that something terrible happen to me. Just had a row with my mum again. Nothing serious but still.. Would have had a very good day. Not the best day but a fairly good day.

Don't want that to spoil my day so I'm gonna share this with you guys.

I'm a Winnie The Pooh fan for your information. So bear with me ya.

It's a feel good clip! Haha.. enjoy!

The song was sang by SpongeBob Square Pants. So cute. Listen to the lyrics carefully. Though I don't really know what's the intro for. But cute right?


Thumbelina said...

Hi Shin,

The clip is so cute... But the start of the clip gave me a shock.. I was waiting for Pooh Bear but i saw another cartoon.. LOL!

The song is so so cute!

How did even Spongebob sing a song for Winne the Pooh..? Hmm....

"Its the Best thing ever....."


Thumbelina said...


It should be...

"Its the Best DAY ever....."


cely said...

ahhaha.. that;s cute

-Princess Shin- said...

The starting is really quite weird right? But its super cute. I love it. Spongebob's voice is so cute! Haha.. I dunno how he can sing for Pooh also but its nice.! =)

Hehe.. i know. I love you too. Thanks for dropping by!