Friday, September 29, 2006

I can't sleep!

Argh!!! it's close to 3 am on a friday night and all i'm doin is reading random blogs.. no.. correction.. more like reading Kenny Sia's blog! For those not very clever people out there.. Kenny is Malaysia's most Famous Blogger.. in my opinion that is..He's blog is totally addictive! Pity he's in New Zealand now so dun really hav any new updates! Been busy reading his past archives though.. some are really hilarious.. made my boyfriend and me laughed till our stomach ache!

That's what i liked bout his blog though.. i mean other than the millions of readers out there.. it's not only funny.. it's quite touching too.. sometimes.. occasionally he puts in serious stuff and u get to see his personal struggles other than his wacky 'condom' reviews! It's a shame though.. some of his blogs are password protected.. though he did mention that people can actually e-mail him.. but sorta 'mo yi xi' (em..embarrased?) to do that.. get what i mean? him being all famous and celebrity like and all that..

maybe when i get all famous myself then i'll do it.. which in other words means never.. >.< >.<


He's definately sleeping now so i dun think i can call him.. correction.. piggy as he is.. he's DEFINATELY sleeping now.. and it's so expensive calling him.. my handphone bill is now over RM 300!!! and unfortunately for me.. the bill is sent to my mum so.. sigh..

'Why your bill so expensive wan? Do u know mine is only RM30?'

Mum.. u got no life mah.. futhermore daddy lives with you..

though i can hear people saying..

'lucky u.. at least your parents pay for ur bill!!! ever heard of prepaid?'

i guess i should count my blessings then.

I miss him so much..

There's so many things going in my mind now.. i'm so frustrated and confused!

Should i continue with my uni? as u guys all know.. (my imaginary readers out there.. somewhere) i'm in a transition state now.. i'm studying in an IPTA but am preparing to go into another uni... but can i get into that uni or not?

Now that i have officially decided to quit my corrent uni.. i sorta feel..

'am i doin the right thing?'

I'm so confused! this has been goin over my poor little mind for the past 4 months!!! every single day!!! not helping with the situation is my lovely parents.. my mum saying to me

'why do u have to go to that war-torn country..' that meaning US.. dun ask me.. i dun understand either..

'u sure u gonna get ah?'

and my super supportive dad saying

'girl.. you think ur parents print money ah?'

sigh.. i'm really frustrated.. adding to the fact is i just went into one of my coursemates friendster site and she posted her faculty night pictures (something like a prom night).. which i didnt attend coz i didn't have the 'mood' to..

now i feel left out..

and did i mention my family may all shift to Vietnam?

actually it's quite confirm as my family is planning to fly over to Vietnam next week for my brother to take some sorta 'entrance' exam for his so called international school..

what am i gonna do?

think i'm gonna sleep on it.. -.-

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