Saturday, September 23, 2006

Guys with hair..?

Wat is it with guys and hair? goodness.. i went out with my boyfriend, Cody to 1U the whole morning just now.. and when we were about to go home.. he suddenly turn to me and ask..

'wat do u guys think about guy's hair? do u notice them? wat is considered nice?'

em.. the only think i notice about a guy's hair is when he has strikingly weird colour.. like when i go Sg.Wang.. the guys over there have like bright yellow or green hair.. tat's when i notice them..

Seriously though.. wat is this thing with guys and hair? They.. my boyfriend actually.. dunno about the majority of the male species.. is always cutting his hair.. just 2 weeks ago he went into the saloon and spent 50 bucks cutting his hair and now he is complainin tat he needs a haircut..

Here i thought the female species was the vain one here..

Seriously.. who notices hair? do you? and i always don't notice when he cuts his hair.. mayb it's just me.. mayb i am not a normal girl.. hmm.. maybe.. i mean if you are a girl and you change your waist long hair into boy cut.. obviously you'll notice that.. but this?

i once had a super vain guy friend. Oh goodness.. he was in the same class with me when we were in form 2.. he used to tell us how long he would spent on his hair.. he had those grass like super spike-ky hair that would always bring the attention of the disiplinary teacher. do you know how long he spent on his hair to make it that spike-ky? he told us he had to get up at 5 something everyday.. spent about 1 hour doin his hair before he went to school.. oh my god.. imagine being tat vain when you were 14.. and the funny thing was.. d disiplin teacher would notice..catch him.. and ask him to wash it off.. there goes d one hour effort.. i rather sleep longer..

i mean.. i dun just look at a guy and decide immediately whether he has nice hair anot.. i usually look at the whole picture.. aNd.. most of the time.. i just look at a guy.. decide whether he is cute anot.. then look away.. totally forgetting whether he has nice hair anot..

so now.. my boyfriend has a dilemma.. he doesnt know wat to do with his hair. He was tryin to explain to me how weird it is now.. with d hair on his left side not sitting down properly or something lidat.. i tried listening to it but zone out after a while.. sorry dear.. but i love you perfectly now.. dun really mind if your hair has a nice comfortable chair to sit anot..

sigh.. guys.. or maybe just my guy.. =(

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