Saturday, April 28, 2007

Complain letter to Streamyx

Dear streamyx guy,

I would like to file a complain letter on your recent customer services of your company. I realize that the weather in Malaysia is rainy all year round with occasional thunder storm here and there but it doesn't give you the reason of having my internet connection over at my house down for a FREAKING month!!!

Do you know how long that is? It's 30 days. It's 4 weeks. It's 720 hours. It's 43200 minutes. Do you FREAKING know how long that is? What have you guys been doing all these while?

Sorry if I sounded unprofessional and all but because of your company's incompetence, I have lost almost a thousand ringgit on it.

Why do you ask?

Well... NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!! Just FREAKING fix my internet connection!!!

But if you really want to know. Because of you.. yeah.. you!!! I can't connect to the internet and hence can't log onto my blog. Which resulted in my not blogging and not earning any money! Get it????

I'm so freaking fed up with you guys I can puke! Don't tell me that I haven't call any of your very 'brilliant' customer representative. Everytime I call them, they'll put me on hold for like 20 minutes listening to whatever elevator song they're having at that moment and proceed on to tell me that they'll send someone to call me the next day.

And I have had this same conversation for god knows how many times already!

Now you may ask that if I claimed to not have any internet connection, how did I sent you this letter. Well.. Here's another thing that I should sue you about. I'm currently at my boyfriend's place at the moment and instead of doing what all normal active hormone charge 20 something years old couples do at home, I end up writing this freaking letter to you. Because of you, I have to forgo my make out sessions with my boyfriend who comes back only like twice a month.

What have you to say about that!

My love life is suffering because of you!!! Are you HAPPY now???

Not only are you making me poorer by the minute.. (I'm getting paid US dollars for god's sake), my sex life is suffering from it too!!!

Not that I'm having any sex as I'm not married yet but that's beside the point.

You better fix my internet connection soon or I'll burn your company down!!!

Yours sincerly,
Princess Shin


xyiry said...

yeah i agree with you... streamyx connection is really2 bad these days... i also fired them up through the phone...everybody also should do the same... because we are paying..for the service not free maa..

-Princess Shin- said...

Yeah.. but the customer service people are kinda poor thing too.. having strangers fire at them all hours of the day. Not really their fault actually! More like the people behind it! >.<