Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just for the record

Okay guys. If you read my blog often enough.. you would know that I'm a super nice gal and I don't curse or condemn anyone at all.

I try to make my blog as nice and polite as possible and not hurt anyone.

But this has been getting a tad too far! It's been a month and I'm gonna burst any minute!

Now.. I'm gonna be patient and sweet again and ask properly one more time

My dear streamyx service man would you please please please fix my internet connection?

Pretty pretty pretty beautiful PLEASE?


MerapuMan said...

ahh.. to bad, hv u visited my new site?
know which one i'm referring to? :)

dannyFoo said...

Not bad. Ever since I commented on your blog I see you've found the spirit to once again continue blogging. :)

Well, I think the Stremayx thing is too common and the only way you'll get it fixed is be like the bosses of a company breathing down the neck of their employees.

Call them each day and demand a status.

zewt said...

hey! welcome back!

xyiry said... dont sound angry ...but sound like a cute little girl...huhu..should do like this ...WEI STREAMYX GUY...COME AND FIX MY STREAMYX

-Princess Shin- said...

Actually I have no idea which one you're referring too.. Which one is it?

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! =) My internet is fixed now so do expect more post to come! Take care!

Thank you thank you! *bows to the audience!*

Hehe.. Really? I am a cute girl! hehe.. Thanks for visiting!