Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Connection sucks big time!

Ah...!!! I wanna shout already!!! Geram! Ok.. that's the malay version of being super frustrated! Ah...

Stupid connection so darn slow. Make me cannot post my sponsored post. Now another day has passed.

You guys have no idea what I'm complaining right?

Ok.. I shall explain. PayPerPost requires us to post maximum 3 sponsored post per blog a day. And because of the time difference PayPerPost's day ends at Malaysian time 1:00 pm. I woke up at 12:40Pm and saw that there was a few interesting sponsored post for me to write.

And let me tell you that this happens awfully little now. There is really a shortage of sponsored post nowadays. Maybe coz my ratings are low so I can't really write those post that required high ranking.

I was so happy to see so many post that I went crazy clicking and clicking. Thinking that I can write 2 post before 1 PM and another 3 more post after that.

But lo and behold, the connection was so slow that it took me 20 minutes to load a page. And before I know it, it's past 1 PM!

Another day has gone in another part of the world.

And that's another day wasted! No earning money for me!

AH!!!!! Stupid streamyx! Stupid PayPerPost for not loading faster! Stupid Blogger for not loading at all!! Or stupid whatever that is making my connection so slow. And not being able to earn more money!


Ok... feel much better now. Thanks for reading until this far! Have a nice day!

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