Saturday, February 24, 2007

How Much I have Made from PPP!

I know I have said this a lot of times but since they pay me to say this, I shall say it again..

PayPerPost is seriously cool!

I joined PPP beginning of January and to date I have made US $141.02. That's almost like Rm400! Not bad for a girl that only sits in front of the computer and type stuff right? Hehe..

Just this post alone, me telling you how much I earn cost around US $ 10.00! Meaning PPP pay me 10 dollars just to tell you guys how much I have made.

I didn't believe it would be this easy but hey! I'm a walking proof!

PayPerPost will transfer the money that you have made to PayPal and only throught PayPal will you get the money. One problem though, PayPal only transfer money to bank accounts in US. So people like us living in Malaysia will have a teeny problem getting the money.

There's a few ways though, you can sell your PayPal to people that frequetly does internet shopping. There's a few other ways too. Its not that hard getting the money.

We're talking about big money here. However hard it is also no problem right?

I have a plan made out already. I will leave my money first until I go over to the States in August. That way I'll be a rich gal when I start my studies over there. I can collect my money officially when I get over to the States.

Cool right? Wahahaha.. I can't wait to get my hands of my $$$!

At least then I will not be totally broke when I start my term. You guys know how much university education can cost. Its crazy!

So guys, go along and start earn money through Blog Marketing!


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zewt said...

can i sell my account to you when you're there?

by the way, i am still waiting for my blog to reach 90 days.