Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Big Money Opps from PayPerPost!

As you guys have noticed I have recently join the PayPerPost. Though I still have my normal post where I complain about my life, talk about food and all that but if you have noticed I also have sponsored post in between. These sponsored post are post where I blog about products or websites that may be interesting to imaginary readers like you. =)

You get to know about more stuff, widen your prospective on the vast amount of products out there and I get to earn money. Great right?

What is this PayPerPost anyway? Well, basically bloggers write about stuff advertisers want them to write and bloggers get paid. Simple.

However PayPerPost has a new segmentation system which awards bloggers with high traffic blogs. Imagine you can earn up to $1000 with just a single sponsored post. How great is that!

But you have to have blogs that have mighty high traffic first though. With Google Page Rank of like 7 or 8 or Alexa score of around 100000. Though I'm not really sure what this Alexa score is about.

But don't worry. They have opps for poor guys like you and me. Or maybe basically just me! Sad sad..

And... Did you know that PayPerPost only charges a 35% service fee compared to ReviewMe that charges a 100% markup. Half your money is gone! But with PayPerPost you can get high paying opps more often and put more $$$ in your pocket.

You choose the 'opportunities' that you like, write about it and wait for the money to flow in. Cool right?

PayPerPost works for high traffic and lower traffic bloggers alike. Like me!

And you don't have to worry about sacrificing your morality or something because all sponsored post require us to state that it is a sponsored post. Disclosure is required from all bloggers.

So what are u waiting for? Click below and sign up for PayPerPost.

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Remember to put my e-mail too.. =)

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