Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Rockstar Boyfriend

I hate to admit it but I'm really missing on a lot.. =(

Cody has always been really into playing his guitar and recently he has gotten more and more involved with it. Playing with gigs all around bars, joining competition and all. He has his own band where he plays the second guitar. Recently they even performed in a JRock concert at Sunway Pyramid which is basically local bands getting together to play some Japanese songs.

Doesnt' it look grand?

I can't say much about the concert itself because first i wasn't there and second, I'm not really a big fan of punk rock music. Especially Japanese music. I'm all for Japanese culture and I'm even going to Japan for study abroad soon but this side of Japanese is a no-no for me. So no analysis about the songs or the bands here if you're looking for one.

Seeing the final pictures on facebook kinda makes me sentimental. On one hand, I'm really proud of what Cody is achieving. I mean, playing the guitar is his passion and to see him actually gaining some success in his passion makes me really happy for him. I sincerely proud of my little Cody for being so awesome! =)

Look at the audiences!!!

I sound like a proud little mother instead of a faraway girlfriend. =.=

On another hand, seeing the pictures makes me realize how much I'm missing out on a big part of Cody's life. I mean, I'm not a big fan of the music he plays and everything but if its important to him, its important to me too. Urgh.. I sound so mushy don't I? Dad.. don't read this. >.< Haha.. The closest I can get is through pictures on facebook and some youtube videos. I can never be physically there to cheer on Cody or tell him how great (or not so good =P) his performances were.

I know we're leading different lives and I'm glad that we're both doing our best to achieve our dreams but sometimes I wish that we could be physically together to celebrate each other's success instead of blogging on her blog saying how proud she is of her rockstar boyfriend. Lame! =(

What makes it even worst is reading other blog comments regarding the concert. Can you imagine reading some stranger's blog commenting about how cute your boyfriend was? I mean I know my boyfriend is cute and charming and everything (that's why he's my boyfriend!) but.. he's not out for the world!!! He's MINE!!! Wtf!!! =.=

Haha.. beware jealous girlfriend! *big evil smile*

Although I guess if I was really there, I would need to force myself to listen through a whole night of really loud punky rock music. That might not be such a good thing either. Haha.. at least now I have some excuse..

"What darling? You're performing in a concert? Em.. I'm sorry.. There was no available plane tickets on that day..."

No obligations! =)

But seriously though.. I'm really proud of my rockstar boyfriend. Even though I wasn't there to experience the performance, I'm sure you did an absolute great job! I just wished I was there because I will be ur absolute biggest fan!


Anonymous said...

Honestly, you didn't that coming? the whole missing out thing?

applebrains said...

this post reminded me of one tree hill so much. i wish we have life like the ones in one tree hill. haha. weirdly i just rmb ur blog after looking at ur fb. my first post in this blog. warnings: more to come. :)
apple is what u used to call me.
brains is something to do with neuro.

-Princess Shin- said...


You little rascal! You gave me a fright! Haha.. I was wondering who this person is, especially since you claim to have my fb! =.=

Haha.. Miss you little apple! =)

Although I have no idea why u say it reminds u of one tree hill! haha.. I'm still following it till now!

applebrains said...

grins happily.

i will log in as applebrains from now onwards. i really love your love posts and also facts posts! post more of it, ya!

I miss you too little milk bottle.

cos it reminds me of haley being a singer and nathan went all the way to support her. so sweet!