Friday, March 14, 2008


I never knew I would do this but recently I have joined the Taiko club in my university. For those not very inteligent people.. (=P), taiko is a type of traditional Japanese drum which is played by the Japanese. (duh!) The Chinese have one like that too, I think. I remember seeing the Chinese Society in my high school performing during school events and though I would enjoy the performance, I always thought they were kinda monster-like! Screaming like crazy people and jumping here and there!

And here I am, a soft princess joining Taiko! =.=

I joined it last semester because I was totally blown away by the performance the Taiko members gave during my orientation week. And to tell u the truth, I didn't really enjoyed it in the beginning coz we only played on tyres (coz drums are too preciously expensive) and the first few practices were boring.

This is not me.. Just some picture I stole randomly.
This is what it looks like though!

But now.. when we are starting to be better and starting to perform.. Wow.. The feeling is amazing. The feeling of playing the drums, being totally concentrated on playing your part of the music, just blows me away.

Its not easy playing the drums, I can tell you this. First your arms have to be really strong because you have to continuously hit the drums with the drumsticks. And you have to make sure you form is good, no half way arms here! We need straight arms! Not to mention the rhythm that we have to memorize! It takes me ages to get the music down. And to play it fast! Goodness gracious me! After the whole performance is over, you can feel your hand burning! Literally.

Someone actually told me that you know you had a good practice when by dinner time, you can't hold your food tray because your arms hurt too much.

How true.. how true..

Anyway, we're going to perform for a teacher's conference tonight for around 800 people! I can't describe to you how nervous I am! I can't screw up because it will bring the whole team down but I'm not good enough! Argh....

Not to mention that this will probably be the first time many people will be actually knowing what our school is. But.. no pressure there! Yup!!! Absolutely NONE!

Argh.. Wish me luck! Hope I don't suck!



Terra Shield said...

All the best for your performance, princess!!

-Princess Shin- said...

Hey! Long time no see! =)

Thanks for your wishes! I sure hope it went great! ^.^