Friday, March 14, 2008

I need my sleep!!!

Oh my god..! Mid-terms are finally over!!! This is the most intense week I have ever had!!! Seriously!!! I miss the feeling of hanging out and basically doing nothing. Just lying down on my pillows, looking at the ceiling and day-dreaming... Don't you feel you need those days too?

But I'm really happy now! My mid-terms are over and everything is all good. I just hope I didn't do too badly. I had 50 minutes to write a 500 words essay on the difference between the foreign relationship of China and Japan. It was an intense 50 minutes and at the very last 2 minutes, I realized I had 150 words extra and without reading too much, I deleted one whole paragraph of my essay! Thank god for Microsoft though. Phew! Made things much easier!

Its Friday tomorrow and I have a Spanish test! Boohoo.. Mi no me gusta examen! Hehe..

Now for some much needed sleep!

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