Saturday, March 15, 2008

Typing essays!

I had last midterm on Thursday and it was the most intense midterm I have ever had. Ok.. scratch that.. all midterms are terrible but that was absolutely heart pumping!!!

The first session was to identify key words for all the readings we had done in the semester. This is a pacbasin class so basically we learned about the countries in the Pacific Basin. Their history, politics and stuff. The first session was okay, with questions like, explain who is Mongkut, or encomienda (something about the system during America's colonization where the native indians offered labor in return for the settler's protection and the Christianity teachings).. stuff like that.

But after that, we were assigned to write a 350 to 500 words essay in 50 minutes about the reason why Japan and China had different foreign relations in the 18th and 19th century. Oh my goodness!
It definitely didn't help much even though it was an open book exam! While I was finding for information, I could feel my hands shaking. It was so weird! haha.. I was trying to find stuff to quote but by the time I found A sentence, there was around 35 minutes left. So I gave up trying to make my essay look "professional" and just type whatever that came into my mind. Finally when there was two more minutes left, I realized I had 650 words! And my professor is really strict about keeping to the word limit because he says we have to train ourselves to be concise which I absolutely hate! So without rereading my essay, I deleted one whole paragraph!!!! Argh.. My poor sad paragraph! GOne...

Thank goodness for my laptop though. Spell check and all that. Phew... I can't imagine writing an essay with a pen now. Terrible I know but..

That's a fact!

Its over now.. so I'm not gonna dwell on it. Boohooo.. Hope I didn't do too bad!

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Miss Positive said...

That's an interesting exam. It makes you think and type faster!