Sunday, April 08, 2007


My Streamyx is down!!!! Someone help me!!! All because of the thunder and lightning and now no more internet!!! >.<

And stupid slow streamyx with their terrible customer service! I'm gonna lose all my imaginary readers! Boooohoooo...

Still down. In boyfriend's house now.. will see you guys later! Tata!


freethinker said...

Hmm...always becareful of thunder one

Josette said...

Hey there, I wondered what happened to you! Haha! Hope your streamyx gets better though. See ya.

hcfoo said...

Off it when u r not using or not at home. A lot of ppl kena liao.

Merv Kwok said...

Hope your net comes back! And hey, some of your readers aren't imaginary yea ;) Haha

pinksterz said...

your post reminds me of beatles "help!"

Terra Shield said...

Hey princess...

I'm afraid your modem got fried! Or, streamyx has some problems... My advise is, call them, and speak to one of those tech people... they'll help you out.

Chances are, something went wrong at their place (some switch problem, or something like that!)

Wan Yean said...

aiyah.. go bf's hse still wanna blog? hehehee

zewt said...

no wonder no posts from you lately... quickly get it fixed la...

Miss Positive said...

Hey there, I've moved my blog to WordPress. Can you change to URL to


Tm Lee said...

maybe you should check out what they say about Streamyx here..and oso alil info on Msia~ xD..kekke..sorry to hear that... life is so dull without the internet

Princess Shin said...

how to be careful? I never on it tat time also.. sigh.. =(

Yup! Haha.. I'm back now! =) Thanks for staying!

it was off! Stupid thing! Hmph! But all is well now! =)

merv kwok,
You're not imaginary right? Right? Right? +_+

Kinda too good to be true! =)

Really? Never hear before that song! Haha..

-Princess Shin- said...

terra shield,
I bought a new modem. Didn't need any of the streamyx guy's help! If I had waited for them it would maybe be next year till I got the chance to use the internet again! >.<

wan yean,
I know! Imagine that! >.<

It's fixed! Hip Hip Hurray!

Did you moved or do you have 2 now?

What did they say?

Sigh.. tell me about it. Life is weird without internet! I wonder how I use to survive last time!