Thursday, November 23, 2006

Choosing the Right University

What is the reason ppl choose universities? What is the reason ppl choose to get into universities? What are the factors in choosing the right university for urself?

Is choosing the right university just based on financial needs, distance from home, or whether ur girlfriend or boyfriend is going to be there?

Or is it based on the philosophy of the university? The founder of the university. What the university can offer.

What about the lecturers? Campus life? Does all this take into account too?

Or is it the most important thing is wat U can offer to the university?

What if u wanna get into universities like Harvard, Yale or Princeton. What is the reason u wanna get there? Is it just mainly because it is prestigious and can guarantees good career for ur future?

How do ppl choose the right university? How do YOU choose ur university?

I need some answers!!!


Anonymous said...

i chose the university I went to based on their reputation as a learning institution and the values they live by.

thank you for the visit and the comment you left on my website. Pls do come by often.

mamakk said...

believe me, if you have the grades, connections and achivements to get into harvard/oxbridge/mit/princeton, please go!

reputation ranks higher than anything else in your future jobseek, incl. access to the higher paying jobs available only to the elite.

Paris Beaverbanks said...

I went based on first, reputation and second, campus. I was happy on both counts.

Merv Kwok said...

Depending on what you want to do, that should affect how you choose your uni. Since I'm in IT, I choose a uni that has a good marketable name because if HR people can recognize the uni name, chances are, you'd get called up. Lol

Btw, will need an address to send your prize to matey haha

Anonymous said...

why? where are you going?

Ces said...

Princess Shin, how exciting for you to be making these decisions. Not sure about what all the circumstances are surrounding your choice. I hope you come up with the best university that could prepare you for your future career. Good luck.

Ces said...
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Anonymous said...

i went to a local uni, so nothing much i can comment. but a uni is just a place, it's still up to u to excel or not.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'll not be much help with this as I went to a music college - which you audition for.

After passing a few auditions I picked the place I'd liked the best.

Why are you asking?

Anonymous said...

I chose mine based on who gave me the largest scholarship. ;)


-Princess Shin- said...

U muz have gone to a very good university! =)

Thanks for dropping by! Take care!

Thanks for ur comment! =)

paris beaverbanks,
lucky you! =)

merv kwok,
True true true.. Yup! That's very important too.. course!

Sent you by e-mail?

i'm applying for an overseas uni. hehe.. thanks for dropping by! finally.. =P

thanks! It does sound exciting isn't it. Hehe.. Glad you drop by! Do come down here again when ur free..

which uni did u went? But you're right! It's what you can do.. all unis are basically the same. Right? Thanks!

really? Wat did u major in? Piano? I play the piano. =)

-Princess Shin- said...

Steven novak,
oooh.. tat's the best answer i got! Clever you.. *jealous*

Anonymous said...

Hey Princess,

I chose the university I went to (and the graduate school) I went to because it had the reputation for being the best.

While your success ultimately rests on your personal achievements, it won't hurt to have graduated from a school that has a very good rep.

Hope i was able to help. :D

terra shield said...

I went to a local uni too, so there was not much choice. I applied, they accepted and the rest they say is history.

But if you were given a choice to go to a prestigious school by all means, do go...

-Princess Shin- said...

Thanks! Reputation. I shall definitely keep this in mind! Wat did you graduate from?

Thanks for sharing! =)

Terra shield,
Yeah.. local uni.. Which one did u go? I was in there once too.. but oh well.. long story!

Thanks for sharing! =)

Anonymous said...

I graduated from the state university here then also went to a local graduate business school -- but one with a very good rep. In fact, people from all over Asia go there.

Wish i got a chance to go to a school in the US or UK. So you go girl!

Rajan R said...

Heh, all I can say is before you begin - do a cost-benefit analysis - don't focus on the fluff or things you really really like - find out if competing universities who don't advertise it have it and if they are cheaper. There's no feeling like finding out that the university you thought was far ahead in your books is only marginally ahead, and yet you're pay a whole lot more for it.