Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Excursion tp Malacca-Part 3

Wow... part 3 already! I think there's gonna be more to come as I really visited a lot of places! Sorry I don't really have any sights to show u guys but my only interest at that time was FOOD!!! Haha... wonder if there's anybody out there that runs away from my blog after seeing so many pictures of food? Haha... Too bad for him or her then... =(

Hehe.. ok.. as I was saying, I stayed there for 3 days. And on Friday itself which was my last day there I visited the most places. After finishing our "Yu Kiao", we went back to Malacca Central and took a bus straight down to the "Red House". The red house is one of the main attractions of Malacca as it was one of the buildings that were built by the Portuguese when they conquered Malacca. It was some kinda fort or something. Because of this building they manage to succeed in conquering Malacca. They were too strong for Malacca troops! They were nice and comfy in their own little building! =( That was way back in 1511. Somewhere there... I gave my History knowledge back to my teacher. Malacca was conquered by few major powers then, first it was the Portuguese, then the Dutch and finally British. That's why Malacca is known as Bandar Bersejarah ("town of History").

Ok... enough of history lesson. Back to food.

We had to hurry up and proceed to our next destination as Cody had class later. Even with our stomach full with Yu Kiao we still needed to visit this other place. See how greedy we are? Or rather how good the food over here is. Haha...

Anyway right opposite the red house, over the bridge lays the world's greatest chicken rice. What is so amazing about it u ask. Well... The chicken rice is made of balls! Wahaha... it's true.

Perfect spherical things.

The shop over here was one of the pioneering bunch. According to my parents, an old man use to ride his bike around Malacca selling chicken ball rice during my parents’ time. Now it's no more existent though. What we have now is a comfortable restaurant to sit in.

It’s one of the main tourist attraction in Malacca now. During holidays, you'll see a long queue lining outside the shop. That's the reason why multiple 'chicken ball rice shops' are mushroom-ing around Malacca now. And it's mighty important to know the right one coz not all are nice. We tried another shop once and it was... BLUEh...

The shop that i went was Ho Kee chicken rice balls!

Look they even have someone to endorse their product! Advertisers! *shakes head*

You can see that they are definitely making money! They just renovated their shop!

Anyway... I'm not a lover of chicken rice but chicken ball rice... Yummy...!!! =)

They serve the best asam fish too.. Sour and spicy. Just they way I like it!

Before we went back to the University. We had to have desert first. Yup... my stomach stretches endlessly. Hehe...

Right opposite the red house, there's this funny looking stalls made of fruits. They're seriously super cute!

They have Mr.Bean shop too.. It was close though...

And one of them, the purple one which is known as the "maggis" fruit, (I dunno what u call it in English. Anyone knows?) sells 'Cendol'. Cendol is a very famous kind of desert made from brown sugar (we call it gula melaka), long green slimy stuff which is soft and delicious, red beans, and lots of crush ice. It's not easy to find good ones in Malaysia as the 'soup' is not easy to make. It must have the right amount of sugar and the red beans have to have em... soft enough. I'm not really good at explaining it. Just know how to eat! =(

See..! Do u still have this in ur country? This old green thing that produces crush ice!

So if u have nice Cendol in ur area, share with us ya!

Anyway... enough for today. Shall have the next installment some other day. Stay tuned!

(I sound like a TV show! wahaha...)


terra shield said...

I used to see the ice crushers in PD a long time ago...

Jason said...

That chendol sucks! Totally. It's never been good since 10 years ago.

Merv Kwok said...

lol you should do those variety food tv shows hehe.

i kinda remember not really liking chicken rice balls. expensive and not filling :P

Cergie said...

Hello !
I've catch a glimpse of all your blog, I find it's very interesting
Not only because it is sharing about food (eheeheh !), also because there are here plenty of pictures showing shops, dishes, people and so many items I don't use to see
I find that's very fine and gives to me wanderlust

Merv Kwok said...

btw princess, you've won one of my postcards. Could you get in touch with me so I can send it to you? =)

Anonymous said...

wow princess. you give new meaning to the words "food trip".

as i am on a diet now (I am determined to lose at least 15 pounds) your posts are pure torture! :D

-Princess Shin- said...

terra shield,
They still have it here.. =)

well i personally like it! Thanks for dropping by!

merv kwok,
Really? Hehe.. I think so too!!! Wahahah..

Not liking chicken rice balls? Wat a shame.. =(

Thanks for letting me win! Wahaha.. u made my day!

Thanks cergie! I'm glad u like my blog. Do come back more often and visit ya! Take care!

I'm a greedy gal! Hehe.. Ur so nice and slim and ur still goin on a diet? Good luck anyway..! =)

Jason said...

You like it?!?! You haven't tasted the real gula melaka chendol is it? -.-lll

10 years ago, it was good but not anymore.