Saturday, November 25, 2006

Excursion tp Malacca-Part 4

Ok... this is the last installment of my trip to Malacca! =) Hehe... last one oh... no more di...

After we finish our chicken ball rice, we went back to the university as Cody had classes to attend. But after that my parents came down too. I guess the aroma of Malacca food was too strong tat they had to come down to taste it for themselves. Crazy right? Haha... but oh well... I’m not much big difference either.

Anyway... after class my parents came and pick us up and guess what? We went and EAT! Wahaha... now that we had a car... it was much much much more easier to get around and most importantly we did not have any smell any fumes! Woohoo..!!!

First stop was something called O Jien. Heard of it? Its fried eggs mixed with oysters!

I only eat the eggs though.. Hate oysters! hehe..

Yup..! Real oysters! Real fresh oysters!

The particular place that we tried was in Ujong Pasir. Shop no.8 or something lidat.

My mistake.. Its no.7!

The owner is an old man. According to my dad, he and his wife has been doing this business for the past 30 years. My grandfather use to bring my dad and his siblings for supper every night! How unhealthy was that? Dear dear... *shakes head*

Husband and wife working hand in hand at the same shop for the past 30 years... Wow...

A few doors away was also this small peranakan shop. Peranakan means something like nyonya. Not really sure how to explain. Long long time ago, the Chinese came down to Malaysia mainly Malacca and married the local Malays. And their culture sort of blended with each other and out came nyonya. Or peranakan. My mother has some peranakan. Or so it seems. She says it's her mum's mum that is from Indonesia or something... Ok... dunno... dun ask me...

Peekaboo!!! Dun ask me why..

Anyway... the shop serves quite nice laksa. Something like curry laksa. It comes in a very huge bowl though... but when u look into it... well... let's just say it's not enuff for an average person. Especially greedy gal like me!

We didn't touch it yet!!! Swear!

It’s nice though... the ambience and everything. Very tourist like. Seems that my parents were eating this particular laksa when they were courting ten thousand years ago. So it’s been here for quite some time. My parents were quite proud of themselves when they finally found this place. They sort of moved or something. Personally I feel that the location of their shop is not very appropriate as not alot of ppl know how to come to this section of Malacca. But well... they have me to thank for advertising for them. Too bad they dun know I exist! =(

Next we went to Jalan Tengkera to eat "Putu Piring". Now this is a very special delicacy. It's a kind of desert. Or cake or... Call it whatever you like but it's really very unique. It's made from steam rice flour cakes and it’s filled with palm sugar (gula melaka) and top with coconut! Special right? I have lots of pictures to share with u guys coz it just amazes me how they actually do it.

First you put the flour in a small little plate..

Gula Melaka... That's wat we call it!

Then u add in some gula melaka in between it..

Small cute little hats!

Then you cover them in this small little hat to cook them! Steam them to be exact!

Aunty making her thing now!

Then you turn them around and put it on the cup to cool it down.. i think.. Cody actually ask me do they sell u the whole thing. Cup and all.. Hmm... If they do wont they need lots of cups? Poor ppl... Bankrap!

It looks so soft and comfy..

CO..CO.. NUT..!!! COCONUT!!!!


Then u add in Coconut!

Little sorcerers..!!!

Put a small squarish banana leaf under it.. And there you have it..!!! Putu Piring!!!

There! I have finish sharing with u guys my food adventure. I hope when u guys do come to Malacca... You'll know where to visit. Though I know there are a lot of other nice shops around but hey..! This is what I feel is nice. So do enjoy! Muarx!


Anonymous said...

how splendifferous. happy belated fat thursday!

Anonymous said...
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Cergie said...

I like oysters, plus I can say that cooked oysters are yummy
I like coconut in cooking
I often use coconut juice

The recipe seems very good, but where to find the little hats here ?

-Princess Shin- said...

brooklyn frank,
Happy belated fat thurday too. wat is tat anyway?

haha.. i have no idea where to find the little hats. Maybe that's a reason for you to visit Malaysia! =)