Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's all over..

Hmm... I have just finished my SAT's! After 3 months of stressing over it... forcing myself to memorize vocabulary... (More like imagining it in my mind that I’m gonna do it but never coming down to it!), trying to refresh my memory on forgotten Maths, it's finally over..! Yeah... i know i have been talking non-stop about SAT and my application process but...

Feels kinda empty now that everything is over...


The exam was ok. I didn't have time to finish a few questions! Goodness... SAT can be so tiring! For those 'old' people, SAT's consists of 10 sections each ranging from 10 to 25 mins and you have to complete all that in one sitting! With only two 5 min breaks in btw! My neck hurt so very much in the middle of it! And the hardest part is the time limit!!! I always cannot finish wan! Sigh... Didn't get to do a few questions in some of the sections! Hopefully I didn't do too poorly! >.<>


Shoshana said...

Good luck and best wishes on your University Application.

SAT. Wow, brings back memories.

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. was it so long ago? Haha..
Thanks! I need luck! see you!

Thebodytalk said...

Good luck for everything.

I know exactly how you feel about being over. It's just empty, right? There is no word to express that kind of feeling.

Tata means "bye bye"? Is that your language? Coz I have learnt it from my friend who is not a malaysia. So kinda know...

Thanks for dropping by and reminding me about my side bar.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for not informing you that i tag you. I'm not sure why i forgot.

SAT, here?

-Princess Shin- said...

body talk,
thank you! Yeah.. it juz feels empty.. like i dun have anything to do anymore! Weird!

I duno wat language is tata! Em.. it is not Malaysian language! YEah.. and it means bye bye! I shall go and find out wat language it is! =)

U informed me already.. i just didnt had the opportunity to write my post yet! =) Yeah.. SAT over here coz i am applyin for uni in US so have to sit for it loh!

Anonymous said...

arrgh... i getting old

Thebodytalk said...

Princess shin,

"Tata" is Burmese language if you mean it "Bye Bye."

Some African countries have the word "TaTa", too. But their meaning is not bye bye. They have different meaning and they even name it to people.

-Princess Shin- said...

Body Talk,
really? haha.. nvm.. tata means bye bye to me.. dunno where i learn it from though.. come to think of it.. haha..