Thursday, October 12, 2006

Off it goes!

Warning: This post is long and boring! And you may not know at all wat I am blabbering about so please take off when u have the chance! Thank you. =)

P/S: Though it would be nice if you could read! ^.^

After months of sleepless nights, tossing and turning in bed, trying to come out with the best essay, squeezing my non-existent brain juice, begging everybody to proof read for me, letting my dad say it's not good enough over and over again, (until he gave up himself!) It's finally off!!!

I have officially submitted my application online!!! Oh gawd... >.< style="font-size:130%;">7 Freaking years!!!

Not that I’m complaining! Miss those carefree times!

Waiting patiently for your letter of recommendation from the kindest teacher you can find who actually remembers you a tinny whinny bit! Thanks teacher! But I need 2 recommendation letters!!! So the 2nd wan is my school counselor which I had to smile sweetly (AGAIN) when she rattles on the difference between American schools and Malaysian schools! Wanna know the difference? Well, according to her, American schools have 1 counselor to 20 students whereas Malaysian schools as 1 counselor to the WHOLE school! So how? So she proceeds on telling me she has no idea who I am and can’t possibly lie to the uni that I’m applying! Excuse me? Did I ask you to lie? But I guess after seeing how sweet I was, she grudgingly agreed asking me to call her back the next day, and the next and the next! So I ended up calling the school everyday for the next 2 weeks because I have no idea when she will finish it!!! And... Letting her scold you for disturbing her EVERY SINGLE TIME!

But when she finally finishes it and calls you to come get it... you end up floating to school! =)

Being worried that you will not be able to get everything done before the application dateline. To send off your transcripts to an international body that charges you freaking US300 bucks (equivalent to around RM1000!) just to tell you and the uni that your STPM is 4B's and 1A. Like you didn't know that already. And getting all worried when they didn't accept your result slip! Just because it is not official! But it's real I said! Nope... they need Official Ones!!! Sent by the Ministry of Education themselves! And where was my official cert you ask? Well... our very efficient Ministry of Education takes almost a year to do our Official Certificates! Which by that time... you don't need it anymore!

If you're reading until here... I salute you! =) I’m sure you have no idea what I’m taking about!

And using RM 77 bucks to send off the Official Cert. when u finally get them! (Thank goodness for that! Wahaha...) with your own money coz your parents refuses to pay for it! Calling DHL and asking them to drive all the way to my uni and grab my parcels! I salute DHL! They're the best! Hehe... Tat was an experience all by itself!

And now that all is over, when everything is with them now... (The admission officers!) My essays, my teacher's recommendation, my evaluation report! Everything!!! All I can do now is pray hard, cross my fingers and toes and hope for the very best! It is all up to them now!!!


Oh yeah... one more thing! I still have my SAT's this Saturday and I’m still blogging! I never change!


kyels said...

All the best in your SATs!


Anonymous said...

You sure make me glad I'm done with school. BWAHAHA!

Good luck, Princess Shin! c",)

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. did i make it sound that bad? It's quite fun actually but u have a cute little boy with u so i guess you're better! Hehe..

Thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

hey, you've got a great blog here!

good luck!

Anonymous said...

i've tag u

-Princess Shin- said...

Thanks! =) Glad that you're dropping by!

Haha.. ok! I like being taged! wahaha..