Thursday, September 28, 2006

Unofficial Guide To College Admissions

I'm planning to apply for a university in the States.. the closing date is on Oct 12 2006. and right now i have already sent in my teacher's recommendation and national exam results. Wat is left is my essay and my extra curricular activities list which i'm goin to sent online!

I'm terrified!!!

This is the only uni which i am applying and i have put in all my hope into getting in.

I dun even wanna ask myself the dreadful 'wat if' question.

So i have been reading a few college admissions book to sort of get some advice on my application. Like this wan below.

Unfortunately.. the more i read.. the more dejected i become.. inside.. it says that early action are for those people that have really really good results as the admission requirements are higher than the regular admissions..

I know that.. but reading in on print is a different story.. my results arent excellent but i am determine to apply for the early action as i want to know the results as soon as possible.

This is what the website of the uni i'm applying states..

Applications from students who are not admitted during the Early Action will automatically be rolled into the Regular Admission period for further admission consideration; there is therefore no need to submit another application or fee. However, applicants that are denied admission through the Early Action period are not permitted to reapply for the Regular Admission period.

what exactly do they mean by that? what do u mean by not admitted? what is the difference? then does that are denied admissions? why were they denied? was it because they were not good enuf? then why were they not rolled into the Regular Admission? sigh.. i'm scared and confused now..

And my essay.. i have already finish writing both my essays and actually feel quite proud about it.. but there the book states the Do's and Dont's of writing an essay..

1. Do not start your essay with proverb. It's used too many times..

Guilty as charged.. >.<

2. Use simple and easy to understand words..

Then how are they going to know your vocabulary? can someone help me here?

So i gave up and stopped reading anymore of these 'saddening' stuff and venture on to more interesting stuff..

like what to bring to your university..

Talk about having confidence!!! =)

I didn't know there was so many things to bring.. microwave la.. mini fridge.. iron..

I was thinking of just bringin my clothes.. toothbrush.. and my handphone!!!

who would have guess!

Anyway.. there was a few books that they recommend to be a must have...

Give me your ideas about them..

Like this one over here.. i read from the reviews it said it's a very good book.. but i dun think they have it in the bookstores now.. i think it's pretty old..but i dun really trust buying stuff from the internet.. watdya think?

Is the internet trustable?

this is another one.

anyone have this book?

Why Chicago? Reminds me of the show.. with Nicole Kidman.. 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend..'


This seems to be the best dictionary ever..

And best thesaurus..
and another one..

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Disertations..

But they dun seem to have any pictures for this.

Anyway.. for those that are preparing to go to any universities.. well these are the books they recommend and claimed that every student should have one..

I think i'm gonna get one too.. just as long as my parents are willing to buy.. =)

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