Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Devil Wears Jimmy Choo!!!

haha.. this is wat u called 'san si hang'.. just started my blog today and wrote 3 entries plus this wan!!! unfortunately this is only temporary as i'll be goin back to my uni soon and i wont have any computer with me.. unless i am willing to fork out 2 bucks and hour to write my blog at the cyber cafe which i think it's a rather a waste of money.. but we shall see..

anyway.. as i was saying me and my boyfriend went and watch 'Devil wears Prada' just now at 1U.. yeah it's not officially out yet but dunno y they had screenings.. wanted to watch 'The Banquet' which to my boyfriend it is called 'The Blanket'.. dunno why he doesn't like it.. >.< st="on">New York and venture into the fashion world. But as usual.. (spoilers ahead.. abit only.. wont spoil alot) the lead actress had to make a choice. High fashion designer clothes and career or a humble loving boyfriend tat is a waiter?

Life's like tat.. you have got to choose.. it's either a high flying career or be a stay home mum.. why muz we need to choose? can't we have everything? Being a woman is indeed not easy. We wanna achieve lots of things.. be a CEO in the company.. save the poor and the sick.. wear nice expensive Jimmy CHoo's shoes while saving the world (wonder how u'll gonna do tat).. and at the same time teach your kids homework.. be there for their recitals and in the night still hav the energy to make love with your hubby..

we woman certainly dont get it easy. But there's where all the satisfaction lies right? at the end of the day.. when we see all the happy faces around.. we know that we have lead a truly fufilling life.

Tat's why Daisaku Ikeda, the SGI president always stresses on how important a role of a woman is in the family. Coz only she can brighten up the whole family. We are indeed very important!!!

Goin back to the story. Em.. where was i? Anyway.. long story short.. it's a very interesting story especially for those branded suckers out there.. the transformation tat Anna Hathaway experience was quite amazing.. all though i have no idea why she is always needing to go for transformation. Princess Diaries also lidat. But the fact is tat money can really do wonders.. especially if you have Channel necklase.. Gucci boots.. and Dior's Coat to go along with it..

and not to mention celebrity's make-up artist tat charges by the milisecond.. y cant i have money..? so i can save the world and be 'runway material' at the same time.. >.< style="text-decoration: none;">


wonder if she's also one of those actreses tat cannot accept that they are growing old and goes to 10 thousand plastic surgery to make them look em.. 'prettier'? i actually quite like her.. hope she'll grow old gracefully..

Catch it if you have the time.. go along with your girlfriend to watch it.. you'll enjoy it.. just be careful tho.. =)

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