Friday, September 22, 2006

New kid on the block..

Aha.. finally started my own blog after so long.. i always thought this blog business was boring.. i mean who would want to read wat other people do? but goodness.. look at the amount of famous bloggers out there.. this just gives me pressure..

wat if no one reads my blogs? wat if I'm too boring? lots of wat ifs goin thru my brain now.. but wait.. wat is the reason I'm doin this anyway? so wat if nobody likes my articles.. haha.. it's ok.. i can be the only reader.. i dun mind. hehe.. =) i just wanna write about my feelings nowadays.. as I'm facing quite.. em.. how should i say.. 'big' challenges now.. oklah.. not so big la. but big enuff.. so maybe i can read back when all this is over and laugh at myself.. haha.. u didn't sleep all those nights for nothing!!! i wish.. >.< waiting for tat day to come..

but back to the blogging thing tho.. so many things to think about.. wat title should i put? em.. it has to be special and me.. but wat??? em.. but i cannot think anymore.. and my creative juice is non existent wan.. so simply put la.. mayb someday I'll change it.. wonder if i can change it.. hmm..

anyway.. i think I'm gonna start decorating my blog now.. hehe.. wish me luck!!!

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