Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Freaking LSAT

Maintaining two blogs is seriously kinda tricky. I know this blog has been kinda neglected and I really apologize for my other "imaginary" readers who still drop by occasionally in hope of finding something interesting to read. I'll try to blog more interesting posts from now on. I swear! =P

Wah.. I just woke up 10 minutes ago. I forgot where I read it but it seems that one's brain is kinda non-functional and dead for the first 2 hours of waking up. No wonder my brain seems to have a hard time writing this. Can you imagine waking up 5 minutes before class starts at 8:30am? Though come to think of it, the whole adrenaline rush of finding out you have 5 minutes to brush your teeth, change, find your books and run all the way to class is the best way to jot up your brain don't you think? You might even be able to have a meaningful discussion with President Obama because you woke up late. o.O

Or not. Haha..

I recently signed up for LSATs. Sigh. Yeah.. if you're not in this law school craze, the LSATs might just be some random alphabets strewn together. But this, ladies and gentlemen, is the key to a whole new career in law. Thus, the "sighing" from me.

Wonderful score and you'll get to top notch law schools like Yale, or Harvard, and even full scholarships from the not-so-top-schools. Low scores and you'll receive rejection after rejection and if you're lucky, graduate with a huge debt from some lower tier law schools (according to the US News Report on law schools). Seriously, there's a whole different world out there in this law school admissions business. I have been obsessed over it pass few months. Reading blogs after blogs from admissions officers, LSATs advice and law schools websites. Everything but study for the LSATs.

Great. Just GREAT don't you think?

I have been putting off signing up for the LSATs for so long that the only test center that is available for me now is an hour away from my college. =.=

I mean, how do you decide? I'm graduating next year and I need to make the decision what I should do for the rest of my life!

Hate crossroads!

But whatever.. I have made the decision to sign up. I have even already paid! $136 for that *cough* freaking test. And everything I have read has told me against using ONE month to prepare for the LSATs. Great. Just great.

Well.. too late for that. I just have to make go with what I have.

Now, all I need to do is study. >.<

I need to excel in this! I need toooo!!!! Wahhh....

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