Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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Ok.. cool down. Its only Tuesday. I still have another 3 more days to go before I HAVE ONE WHOLE WEEK OF HOLIDAYS!!! Wooohooo...

Ok.. cool down I said. Aren't u listening? You still have tons of work to do Princess Shin. =.=

You know someone is going crazy when they start talking to themselves on their blog. Although come to think of it, doesn't everyone talk to themselves when they're writing? Hmm.. Another topic of discussion altogether.

ANYWAYS, spring break is here. And after that, its gonna be only 2 more months before I'm back!!! Wooohoo.. And I'm gonna pester Cody every single day till he can't wait to send me back to US again. As though he's not already bored with me. Whatever..

I seem to be getting off the topic a lot today. AS I WAS SAYING, me and the girls are still planning on what to do for our spring break. I kinda want to go to the Grand Canyon but my sweet goody-two-shoes girlfriends are kinda reluctant to take such a long road trip by ourselves. Yeah.. I have sad friends..

Another alternative is to go have Vegas vacations. But we kinda agreed that we'll wait till everyone turns 21 before we make a trip there because it'll be more fun when everyone is legal to get into clubs. Again, I have young sad friends.

So any idea what I should do besides staying in my room the whole week not reading?

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