Monday, March 26, 2007

What do you do during the Holidays?

Ah.. I'm in one of my moods again. No.. it's not the time of the month. Juz feeling moody for no reason. There is a reason actually but..


What do you do exactly if you have a full 7 months of holiday in front of you? Ok.. no more 7 full months. More like 4 months.

I'm not talking about some public holiday that you get once in a blue moon after you have worked for god knows how long.. I'm talking about those holidays that you get when you were much younger, (depends how old you are now =P) and how you actually spent it!

If all goes well, I'll be going to the States in August to pursue my studies, but what do I do before that? I have tried staying at home for the first couple of months and even with blogging and sleeping late, I have been so bored that I am literally counting down the days till it ends! And it shouldn't be like that right? I won't be having this kind of holidays anymore and I should make full use of it to learn and gain more knowledge right? And I should live my days like it's the last. Not look to the future.

I heard from some people that people my age used their holidays to backpack around the world. Was that how you spent your holiday? Somehow I feel Malaysians are not that kind of people. It's just not our culture to go backpacking. Once we're on a holiday, we either find ourselves a part time job or just sit around at home. Waiting and waiting and waiting. And I don't like that.

I won't mind backpacking but unfortunately it cost money. So does all the other classes that I was so planning to join when I knew I had such a long holiday. I made such big plans for myself. Go learn Japanese, continue my piano, do some belly dancing class (don't laugh!).. so many things to do. But it all cost money and money is currently a super tight issue with my family now! =(

So wat should I do then? I'm still blogging if you wanna suggest that. I can't do that the whole days. And I have just started taking a part time job. But somehow I feel that I shouldn't just waste my precious few months on some job just to earn that extra few bucks. I can actually go read lots of books, really go take a language and... Just make sure I make the most out of it right?

But how do I do that? Or should I do that?

Should I prepare myself knowledge wise before I embark on my higher education or should I just waste my time away? Doing nothing? I know life would definitely be much more hectic after I officially start my uni life.. But would I regret not fully utilizing my holidays after that? I had so much time in my hands. I could have done something much more productive. Go read the bible, Confucius, William Shakespear, the Quran or something.

What do you think? Any suggestions? I'm out of it already!


MerapuMan said...

go jungle trekking maybe? it will be fun provided u join the right group.

saw you nuffnang add. i rcv an email syaing it will start on25/3 but nothing yet. btw, how much r they paying per month?

freethinker said...

just relax...u'll know the rest is needed in uni time

-Princess Shin- said...

haha.. jungle trekking? em.. no thanks. Not really an outdoor person! Haha..

Dunno. They just sent me an e-mail and it appeared on my blog. No idea how much they're paying! Is your adsense paying u well?

yup! That's what I thought too.. but.. sigh.. bad bad bad! Thanks though!

Thumbelina said...

Hi Shin,

DO u like kids? Maybe can do babysitting?

Its fun and u get to enjoy urself with the little ones too.. :)


zewt said...

try doing a backpack around malaysia. if you have the money la... it's cheaper. you will find out that malaysia is indeed quite nice to travel around.

Black Cat said...
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