Saturday, March 03, 2007

Five Favourite Malaysian Bloggers

Pink Fairy Princess Sa tagged me ages ago and now I'm doing it. I almost forgotten about it. Sorry ya gal. =)

I'm supposed to choose 5 of my favourite Malaysian blogger and describe what I like about them. Hmm... Lotsa kissing a*s here! Haha.. Wonder what I'm gonna get back after this? =P

Ok.. here goes.

Kenny Sia.

No surprise here. Anyone that lives in Malaysia and reads blogs would know who he is. I don't have to mention the reason on why he's so popular. He has over 10,000 visits a day. I don't really get it either but maybe its due to the fact that he's post are super hilarious. He can make the most mundane thing into something super funny.

You having a bad day? Check out his blog for some good laughs! And what makes him so special is that he's blog isn't about funny jokes are funny pictures, he blogs about everyday life and what he sees in everyday things. And somehow he manages to write something funny about it. His blog is also the best place to find out where good food is because he loves blogging about food! Other than me of course!

He's definitely my favourite Malaysian blogger.

Even if he doesn't know of my existence. =( haha..


Ok.. Not sure whether he's a Malaysian anot but here goes!

This blog is full of sarcastic remarks on everyday life. He's post are so full of it that it actually is funny reading it. He is one that is not afraid to blog about morbid stuff like death and loves to blog about putting stuff into his a*s! =P

Though he loves writing sarcastic remarks and criticizes everything that is sweet and beautiful (he tends to do that sometimes esp on love!), once in a blue moon you would catch a glimpse of the soft sweet guy behind. Especially when he talks about his one year old niece.

And you would just melt. ^.^


I stumble upon his blog when I just started my own blog and I instantly fell in love with his blog. It is rarely where you come across a blog, read the first few post and proceeded to read the whole of his blog in one go.

That is how interesting he's blog is.

SewJin is a mechanical engineering student studying in UTM. Therefore most of his post would be about his life in the university. What makes it so special is that he blogs using conversation. He would describe everyday happenings as conversation with either him and he's friends or him and his inner mind or demon or whatever you call it. And he is not afraid to blog about how he embarrassed himself either with his lecturer, friends or some random gal that he met. Not sure whether it really happened or his just one creative guy but hell.. Its entertaining! =)

He once wrote that he scratch his balls in front of a stranger because he mistook the person as his friend and wanted to make a joke to his guy friend. Somehow or rather that 'friend' turned out to be an unknown girl. Haha.. Poor him.

And this my imaginary readers is what makes SewJin such an interesting blogger.



Wanna find a blog that posts weird pictures? This is the blog for you. Merapuman's blog is about jokes and weird stuff so be prepared to be either amazed and amused or cynic about the pictures he posts.

Some of them are so hard to believe that it makes you wonder.. Has that been photoshoped? I guess its for you to decide whether its true or not.

Some of them are seriously hilarious like the one I 'stole' from him a few months back.

What? I couldn't help it! It was too funny to not 'steal' it!

I sometimes really wonder where he gets all his materials! He's post are short and simple so when you have lots of blogs to visit, you'll definitely thank him for it!

And he's such a caring guy too. Helped me a few times when I had some difficulty managing my blog.

Good guy + Weird pictures and Jokes = Great blog!

I somehow sound like a Guinness Book Of Records commentator!


Princess Shin!

Of coz. Who did you think it would be? Obviously I would be one of the Five Favourite Malaysian Bloggers of all time right? I can't possibly leave myself out! I am definitely the best. In fact I should be the first!!!

Don't you think so? If you don't think so I guess I'll have to ask you to leave.

NONONO... Come back come back! I was just joking! >.<

What I love about my blog. Hmm... Let's see. I blog about anything under the sun... fashion, entertainment, movies.. which makes me quite hard to categorize myself unfortunately.

I blog about food. Everybody needs food to survive right? So the best thing I can do to my favourite imaginary readers is to share with you guys the best food out there. And post lots of pictures so you will salivate all over your computer screen! Wahaha...

That would be one great reason to put me in the 5 favourite list now wouldn't it?

I'm young and pretty. Though no one knows how I look like. But do trust me on this k? =P

I... I.... I...

I can't believe I can't find any reasons anymore.

Do you think my blog is great? Hehe... I'll send you a flying kiss if you praise me okay?


Go write first!

I shall tag Miss Positve, Sew Jin, Terra Shield, and Merapuman on this! Enjoy!


Wan Yean said...

where's my blog? T_T

Benjamin said...

sorry oh i couldn't do ur meme. but you did link so i returned the favour :D check out my latest post.

wanyean. blog more la! u are my competition!

Suzie said...

Your blog is cool,great read and I will use yours as a template to learn about how a blog should be maintained.I will come back often.Hope you don't mind.By the way,you mentioned a flying kiss if readers praise you?You owe me one.snigger snigger hohoho

MerapuMan said...

wow! i'm one of your fav. better if i'm your toy boy, ha..ha..ha..

ok .. will do. after the other one, i got tag twice this month.

-Princess Shin- said...

wan yean,
I have yet to know you.. haha.. I shall put you in my list next time ya? =)

Haha.. you did return the favour. In a very cute and unique way. Thanks by the way!

Here's you kiss! Muarx!!! =)

Thanks for dropping by!

You wanna be my toy boy? Y don't u be my sugar daddy! =P

zewt said...

seriously... what's so special about kennysia? sometimes... he post something dump... but 100+ comments....


hahaha... do i sound lika sour grape?

one thing... your blog sure has a variety of stuff.... almost everything.

Anonymous said...

PRINCESS SHIN!!! how are u? wow what`s with that statement that u are pretty and that i have to trust u?? are u sure you are that pretty?? *naughty grin* no comments on whether your are pretty or not.. but one thing is for sure.. u are aa really nice person... and another important thing.. you can keep your free flying kisses.. coz i`m not interested.. but u can buy me coffee with sugar and creamer and bring me out on a date or may be shopping.. :P hehehe

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. you don't like kennysia's blog? Well.. different ppl has different taste! =)

But it sure seems that lots of ppl love him

So is it a good thing that you can find almost anything on my blog? =P

sexiest person alive,
oh dear.. my worst nightmare is her.e..

Merv Kwok said...

Whoa! I'm a favourite?! *flattered* :D

-Princess Shin- said...

merv kwok,
Haha.. you should be! =)