Saturday, October 07, 2006

A little Joke..

Hello guys.. just wanna share with you a little joke I stumble upon again in one of the blogs - MerapuMan! Haha... Ok.. don't think I'm a dirty old man k (or gal)? I thought d person that posted this picture was too when I first saw the picture but.. haha.. It's amazing how normal things can turned out to bite you from behind! Haha..


A co-worker got a pen stuck inside our printer. He started to try and remove the pen, but I told him we don't have time for that now, just put a note on the printer telling folks not to use it and then report it to the Help Desk. So he grabbed a piece of paper and scrawled on it. I left before he finished the note. About 20 minutes later, one of my techs comes in laughing. Curious, I went to investigate it myself. Attached is what I found. Sometimes things don't always come out the way you want them to.

Funny Picture

Did it bring a smile to your face? It did to me! Haha.. Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Now that is an effective sign. Bwahahaha! :p

Congratulations on your thumbs-up from Billy Mac!!!

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kyels said...

Okay, that's totally funny!


Anonymous said...

No problem

Shoshana said...

LOL, got the message across!

_butt said...

hey just droppin by.. blog hopping..


-Princess Shin- said...

Wahaha.. thank you! Thanks your your wonderful support! =)

Body talk,

Thanks for droppin by! glad you found it funny!

Thanks for droppin by!

thank you! =)

yeah.. really attention seeker! wahaha..