Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ringtones Article

What ringtones do you use? Are you one that actually reads those ads in the newspaper that states that just by sending an sms you can get your favorite Pussy Cat Dolls ringtones?

Are you one that watches those ads on TV and sends an sms just to get your favourite Fall Out Boy ringtones?

Do you change your ringtones as often as you change your underwear? Are your ringtones the epitome of RickDees?

Or do you just use what is already in your phone?

Or do you have phones that can't play polyphonic ringtones at all so you can't really download ringtones that you like because your phone won't be able to read them?

Do you just use the ever popular Nokia ringtone?

I used to think that ringtones are super important. Back when I was a teenager. *sob* I used to cut of any newspaper articles that features my favourite band's ringtones and keep them so I can use it when I manage to persuade my parents to let me download them.

Those were the days when I had to make sure my phone bill did not burst out the ceiling.

Actually those days are still going on. =(

Fortunately I'm not as crazy as I use to. Maybe its because my phone is not the latest walkman phone or the most 'in' phone the market has now, but I don't really mind what ringtone I have.

Just as long as the ringtone sounds nice and pleasant I'm good to go.

My phone can't play those real time songs. It can only play polyphonic stuff. Its super old I know. But oh well.. A phone is a phone. No complains here.

What about you? What ringtones do YOU use?

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