Friday, March 02, 2007

Cats Whiskers on SALE!!!

YES!!! My fellow girlfriends!!! You heard it right!


I just went to Cats Whiskers at Damansara Perdana and lo and behold!

They were having sale!

And guess how much was their sale?

Everything was 40% off!!!

Tops, dresses, accessories!

And bottoms are 50% sale!!!

Ok.. you didn't hear this. Coz I'm gonna go back next week and shop somemore! Wahahaha.. u better not fight with me!!!

I bought a RM89 LBD and a RM59 white spagetti top. And the total was about RM88! Cool right?

There goes my Ang Pau money though.. Boohoooo!!!

Cats Whiskers should pay me for doing them this advertisement!!!

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