Monday, March 19, 2007

Are you an Honest Person?

Sigh.. sometimes I think I'm too good for my own good. Too honest and too nice. A goody two shoes girl. And this is not to my advantage. Sometimes I feel as though the one loosing out is me. BIG TIME!

I'm currently looking for a job now and everywhere I go people will definitely ask me how long I can work. And I have just recently found out that even if you're gonna work for just 2 or 3 months, don't tell people that. Tell people that you can actually work forever! Don't tell them that you're on a holiday or something. That's wat my dad told me when I ask him whether I should be honest about me leaving to US soon? He was like,

'Do you want the job or not?'

Don't tell them if you want the job. That's life. And people do that all the time.

Ok.. maybe in the real world it is like that. You tell people lies so that you can get the job. And when you had have enough, you quit. Maybe I'm still innocent and naive. Thinking that honesty is the best policy. But seriously?

We're talking about real jobs here. Not those part time clothing store kind of jobs.

I have 4 more months before I head to the States to study and I am totally bored staying at home doing nothing. Yes.. Blogging is something but I can't do that the whole day. Kinda ran out of ideas to write.

Anyway, I was applying for this position in this company. Actually it was just a coincidence that I found out they had a vacancy. I went there to ask about something, and just casually ask them whether they had any vacancies. And the girl in the reception said yes. And ask me to take a test and the next minute I know, she was calling me in for an interview.

So off I went for my first interview. Boy was it scary. Before I went in I mean. I spent like the whole day yesterday asking my dad for help in writing a resume. Goodness. It's not an easy thing to do. I dunno how you guys do it.

Anyway, the person that interviewed me kinda looked scary. She looked like those totally outspoken super successful career woman that will speak what's on her mind immediately and I was horrified. But suprisingly, once I got into the room and started chatting with her, it went out quite nice. Very good in fact. She told me that she's looking for someone that can work for more than one year. Because she don't wanna train that person and have him/her walk out after 3 months. And its a Marketing position. I will have to deal with potential clients and stuff.

Imagine me doing that! I dunno about you. But I kinda feel that I'm not cut out for it. Given that I'm just a high school graduate. But she seemed genuinely interested in me. And I started feeling so very bad. I know I could only work for the next 3 months or so. And I also knew that I could go on with this job and when that day comes, just walk out and never look back. Taking along all the experience and training I have just received.

But I couldn't do that. That would be totally irresponsible of me. How would they feel if I suddenly walk out and leave them with no one. That would be terrible right?

So I finally told her that I am actually looking for a short term job. And I can't work that long for them. She was perfectly nice about it. And off I went.

I could have worked for the next 3 months, get a feel on what marketing is like since I have no idea what it is, feel how its like working in a real office environment and meeting different people every time, and quit after 3 months.


No job. Just an honest person. But no job!

What would you do?


zewt said...

you're leaving for the states? wow... the land of all possibilities... i am sure you will come back being more... err.. open.

anyway, being in a job knowing that you will leave soon is the best thing that can ever happen to a person... bad bad bad move.

Tm Lee said...

Princess...i am back in business..xD FTW

-Princess Shin- said...

you're not answering my question. Would you tell an employer that is gonna hire you that you're not gonna be permanent?

Hehe.. not very sure yet. Wish me luck!

tm lee,
Oooh..!!! Welcome back!!! Are u like super dark now? Haha..

Justin Tan said...

if i wan a job bad enough then yeah sure... i will lie about wanting to work for them for eternity. It sucks being honest... Honesty is never the best policy when you are outside ;)

Stace said...

I had one job interview where I told the people that I couldn't start until Thursday, because I was moving into a new house on the Wednesday. Then I told them that I was engaged and would need time off for the honeymoon later that year... they hired me anyway. I never figured that one out.

Menchie said...

It really depends on what the company needs. I don't think you should be dishonest especially if you know you're going leave them in the lurch in 3 months because that's a sure thing. Maybe it's best for you right now to get into something temporary such as an apprenticeship at something you know you want to pursue in college perhaps.

BTW, I sent you something thru email. Did you get it? Let me know if you didn't so I can resend. :D

freethinker said...

internships !!!

Marie said...

I'm too honest too, so I probably would have said the same thing. Don't worry about it. It probably wasn't meant to be. And like Menchie says, being dishonest may not have been a good thing in the long wrong.

Marie said...

Stupid me, that should have been 'in the long run' at the end!

pinksterz said...

yeah, sometimes lies do come in handy in certain case. i do agree.

but you are doing the right thing here. even if you lied and get the job, you quited after 3 months the company sure will ask you for pampasan.

good luck with finding jobs! ^^

Tm Lee said...

Working environment sure is tough...eitherway is till got round 5 years left of studying before i go on the same line as u...

krystyna said...

Hi Princes Shin!
True life. In Poland is very similar. Your dad was right saing:
Do you want the job or not?
Wishing you good job!

-Princess Shin- said...

Justin tan,
Life is tough isn't it. Good guys don't always get everything. Actually good guys barely get anything! Haha.. But I guess it's what you want in life. And your moral values I guess. Thanks for sharing!

haha.. you were too good! that's a great thing! Haha.. nothing weird to figure out! =)

Harlo! Long time no see! I did receive your e-mail! Haha.. Thanks ya! Muarx!

But I think you're right. I dun wanna do things to people that I know I wouldn't like being treated that way. Thanks for sharing! I feel better now! =)


-Princess Shin- said...

Yeah.. honesty is the best policy. Or is it? But I guess its just whether you want to live your life with integrity or not. I guess I made a choice and I just have to live with it! =)

Thanks for sharing!

haha.. pampasan? I don't think so la. Coz no contract. But I guess I'm just not that kinda person that can lie to you straight in the face to get something. haha.. not sure whether good thing or bad thing. Thanks ya!

haha.. where are u now? Not taking any part time jobs? I'm not working full time you know. You make me sound so old! haha.. Welcome back ya!

So you agree on lying to get the job? Hehe.. Thanks anyway!

zewt said...

shouldnt tell.