Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blogger is weird!!!

Ah..!!! I really don't like blogger now! They give absolutely no options for bloggers! I recently just switch to the so called new blogger! I seriously don't know what is the big deal with the old blogger and new blogger thing! They keep putting it in your face that the so called new blogger is better and all that but...! Hmph!

First it was the so called beta thing... now it's the new blogger... later?

Super new blogger!

Or some crappy stuff!

You know what makes me the maddest? My other blogger friends that haven’t switch to the new blogger! There's a problem with them now. You know what? Suddenly all my comments are given by anonymous people!

Excuse me? They were just there a few days ago before I change it! Now they're all gone and have all become Jane Doe or something lidat! What is blogger trying to do? Face out everyone that doesn't switch to the new blogger? Pretend they don't exist?

It’s true! I tried to comment on my own blog and they only allowed bloggers with the so called Google account! If not well... you're just invisible!

I'm so sorry to those that haven’t change to new blogger yet... i know you don't like being like some invisible person but..!!! ARGH!!! Stupid blogger!

And what's with the template and stuff? I know the new blogger has this new feature where you can change the colour of your fonts and everything with juz a click of the button. You don't have to know HTML at all.. but why can't I use my old template and have the new feature too? I don't wanna have those boring templates that blogger recommends even though they have nice features! On top of that, how do you put those image buttons with the new template? ArgH!!!

Din know why I change...! >.<>

And the comments! Argh!

What do you guys think? Switch to the new blogger already?


Adam said...

I just migrated. I have the option to "upgrade my layout" but I didn't because I am worried that I might mess up my old layout. Going to try it out using a trial blog with the same layout first to see if all the widgits remain unaffected.

Arz000n said...

Seriously, I agree with you, new blogger sucks...I'm pissed even while making comments on new blogger blogs...dunno why, it displays something weird profile of mine...

am confused myself on whts going on :)

Kamigoroshi said...

Well, I still can comment here with either my Google or Blogger account. The new Blogger needs some exploring done, aside from that, everything that should be there is there. Unfortunately, this would mean that you DO need to learn how to code and not just rely solely on templates. It could be worse, you could have your own domain and have to install everything yourself. Now that on the other hand requires a lot of work.

However if you're tired with Blogger and want to switch to something else, you can give a whirl. You can't edit your theme there though, but you can add things to your sidebars. Plus you can import your Blogger posts if you really like it.

Keshi said...

Beta suxx big time. I aint changing from classic.


~TheAngel~ said...

Actually, maybe you have mistaken between Beta version of Blogger & the new version.

Beta means something like a trial version for people to try out before the actual new version to be release!

Well, I use to have Blogger as well. but that's before but now I'm using wordpress ( as I hosted it myself (with annual payment of course=your answer to your question in my blog ~

I do try out the Blogger to find out the new features, somehow they did actually upgrade, or maybe some upgrade which you might not find it useful at your side.

Or have you read clearly all the rules & regulation before changing to new Blogger?

Anyway, if you don't know what is wordpress, you can try to sign up one at for a free service like Blogger offer has to offer.

Besides, if you like the you can also move all your blogger content by exporting it!

Have fun~

Merv Kwok said...

Well... The new blogger has labels. And that rocks in my books haha

MerapuMan said...

so, u r making money already huh. having fun? sure hope so and it's better than adsense right.

sorry to hear about you blogging experience with the new blogger, but now since money are coming in, why not get you own domani

-Princess Shin- said...

Yeah.. i get wat you mean. Fortunately once you upgrade your layout, you can still go back to your classic template if you dont like it. So that's what i did. I'm still using the classic template!

Thanks for dropping by!

Terrible right? Sigh... i guess nothing is perfect! Really hope they fixed it soon! =(

Thanks for dropping by!

thanks! i didn't think about that. Being a noob like me will definitely make things harder for me if i get my own domain.

I tried But then i would have to change my address. It would be such an inconvenice. So i guess i'll just have to bare with it. THanks for dropping by!

hehe.. right you are! But now you can comment on my blog so i guess there's no problem. RIght?

Thanks. I didn't know that. So beta is supposed to be temporary? Hmm.. that should explains it! Thanks for dropping by!

-Princess Shin- said...

merv kwok,
yeah.. i get what you mean. But the labels are limited. How do you put images on it? As in those kind of pictures where when you click it it brings you to the site?

yeah.. definitely making some. A bit only la.. but much more that what adsense can give me in a lifetime! Hhah.. not sure how it pays you though.. still puzzling me!

tulipspeaks said...

Nope. not yet. considering to publish in my own domain. ;)


The Angel said...

LoL, yeah Beta can say to be just a temporary trial!