Thursday, March 08, 2007

I can't leave comments!

What's wrong with blogger anyway? Why can't I leave comments on my bloggerfriend's blogs? ARGH!!!

This is so frustrating. Every time I wanna leave a comment, I click on the button and it takes ages to load. Sometimes I leave the computer throughout the night and when I get up the next morning..

Its still loading!

Imagine that!!!

No wonder I don't seem to have any comments. Or maybe is it because my posts are boring?

Argh.. do you guys have the same problem too? Or is my connection slow?

Now everybody gonna think I don't visit their blogs!!! >.<

Stupid blogger!


zewt said...

i think streamyx was screwed yest. i cant even log on to gmail!

freethinker said...

I had the same problem when I was using firefox... hard to leave any comment, when I switch to IE, seems ok

-Princess Shin- said...

Oh? I don't think it was the streamyx problem. Muz be the server's problem! Argh!!! DOn't like this!

really? So i should switch back to IE? Kinda got used to firefox. Kinda liked it too.. Oh dear..

Thanks for dropping by!

desiderata said...

hi host hear!

Your problem is les than mine. I can't even access my own blog -- the problem started and lingers after I switched over to New Blogger Ac. Now I have to access "indirectly" by logging onto a fellow AC eg howsy, click on my LINK there to visit my own home.
I also received feedback from some mGf they experienced similar "Eror" advice when trying to access my home, so How?
Got case to sue for 20million ah, any Loyar Buluk hear? --Desi