Saturday, December 23, 2006

Harry Potter Seventh book!!!

According to my sources.. It seems that the last and final book (or so it seems) of the Harry Potter installment is finally out. The title i mean..

*drum roll*

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Can someone please tell me why is this picture accompanying it? This picture looks so gay!

I love the Harry Potter series but am quite angry that Professor Dumbledore died in the last book. I hope somehow he gets revive again! hehe.. This is the magic world we are talking about right? Anything can happen! Hopefully.. =(

And what happen to Harry Potter's godfather. I liked him very much. Do hope he comes back.

It seems that 2 character is going to die... I wonder who.. Hope it is Professor Snape. Though i doubt it. Nothing seems to happen to him. Though he's good and everything but I just don't like him!!! >.< href="">J.K.Rowling official website. Its really interesting clicking on everything. I spent like 1 hour there reading and clicking everything! =)

Can't wait for the book to come out! =)


Anonymous said...

LOL! This picture does look gay!!

Anonymous said...

hehe..quite gayish ler..i read the full books as the story develops,more and more awful things begins..i also felt sad when dumbledore died..he wasnt supposed to be but if he is alive then Voldemort gotta fight harry and dumbledore..That wouldnt like nice on our hero anyway..;p hmmm..waiting for the final installment.lets see whether Ron and Hermione will be an item or not..hope so..

nice reading ur blog ;p

-Princess Shin- said...

urban butterfly,
It does doesn't it.. Wonder whether its real anot! It looks real.. Hmm...

Thanks for visiting!

Yeah.. gayish right! haha.. I hope he does come back alive though.. or else who would protect Harry? Dunno.. I guess we shall have to wait for the book then!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Take care! =)

Neo said...

Will be waiting for the movie version to come out. :) Lazy to read books...

Anonymous said...

but when i finished reading The Half Blood Prince, i din actually thought Prof Snape is gonna be a bad guy at all after all that "nice nice" supported facts from Dumbledore..Maybe it could be a part of act or drama to cheat the Lord Voldemort..Lets see wat the nexr gay..oops Harry potter book offers us:p

Anonymous said...

Snape is a good guyler. He's Dumbledore's spy. All this killing (in the last book) was just an act.

OK that's what I think.

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. lazy you. But the book is definitely better than the movie though.. =)

Yeah.. he seems to be a good guy but he's attitude towards Harry Potter just pisses me off!!! >.< Don't like him.

Can't wait for the 7th book. Seems it coming out 7.7.07 next year! Hmm...

yeah.. i know.. But i still don't like him. He's a terribly sour guy. >.<

You read his books too?

Anonymous said...

That looks really gay!

Mind if I borrow that picture?

I can't wait for that book...I usually listen to it in audio.

Miss Positive said...

Oh my gosh! Where did you find that picture??? It's horrible! Haha! Harry & Malfoy? It's the biggest joke ever.

Anonymous said...

hey i like the NEW just so lazeee to actually erm change my template~~~~

but yes the photo looks SOOOOS GAY and paedophile GAY TOO~~what are they trying to promote? GAY is ok for me but CHILD sex?

Anonymous said...

eh get a chatbox la :D

-Princess Shin- said...

I can't really say no can't I.. since I don't even know who you are.

miss positive,
Its supposed to be Daniel Radcliff's new show. A broadway production. Something lidat. Weird right?

freelunch 2020,
Haha.. you think I should get a chatbox? Then everybody wont leave comments anymore.

Weird picture right? it somehow seems so wrong! Supposed to be Daniel Radcliff's new show.