Sunday, December 24, 2006

Luke and Lorelai story

Oooh.. I absolutely love Gilmore Girls. From the 1st moment i saw them in the pilot episode, i fell in love with it. Who would have known that after so many years, this series is still on...

For those Gilmore Girls illiterate, (where have you been?) it is a story about the relationship between mother and daughter. Mother being Lorelai Gilmore and daughter being Rory Gilmore. What makes this show so interesting is the witty conversation they exchange every single time they're together and their super special mother-daughter relationship that they share.

Tell you a little secret: My relationship with my mum is nothing like theirs! =(

Oh well.. this is TV we're talking about.

Anyway, one of the most interesting bits of the story is also about how this two mother and daughter deal with their own respective love lives. And what i personally love most is how Lorelai and Luke finally got together in Season 4. Just a bit information, Luke is the owner of a diner that Lorelai and Rory frequently visits and from the 1st season until now, Luke has always had a thing for Lorelai. So after 4 seasons, they finally got together.

*spoilers ahead*

Malaysia, slow as it is, is currently showing Season 5 now, but curious as I am, i went on the the internet and googled up Gilmore Girls and found out that something terrible will happen between them somewhere is Season 7!!! Argh!!! I hate this producers!!! All they know how to do is torment we poor viewers souls!

I mean what is it with Christopher? I havent seen Season 7 yet but why must he get back with Lorelai? He got his chance like 10000 years ago. Loser of a guy. They were almost gonna get back together and suddenly, the girlfriend called him and told him she was pregnant and boom!!! Off he went!!! What a guy.. and now there are supposed to be together again? Stupid producers!!! >.<>.<

They had better make them get together again or else...!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! =)


Anonymous said...

hmmm..maybe u should hook up with a P2P programme and start downloading the latest episodes since Msia is really slow..i finished CSI S6 also..too bad some1 is gonna die there also..:( now im into Prison Break..very nice..i love the Tattoos..

Anonymous said...

Hehe I remember liking watching the Gilmore Girls in my days of yore. I'm so lost with the story plot now haha

Anyway, Merry Christmas mate =)

Anonymous said...

hie there.. nothing to do with Gilmore Girls.. but just drop by to wish you..

Merry X'mas ;)


terra shield said...

I'm a GG fan too, and yes, I'm also a fan of Luke. Christoper, Richard and Emily can go and drown themselves in the nearest drain!

But I don't really like Logan... I think Rory is better off with Marty... Hehehe... this is cool!

PS: Don't worry about the 7th season... it's far away from now, and most probably we'll have to wait for 3 years before the season reaches 8tv!

Anonymous said...

Hi Princess Shin!
Thank you for sharing this film and your thoughts. I love Gilmore Girls too. Great is you mentioned about their super special mother- daughter relationship.
Best to you!

Anonymous said...

merry xmas princess

Anonymous said...

I named my daughter after Alexis Bledel:)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true!

-Princess Shin- said...

Yeah.. i'm currently doing that! hehe.. But its super slow. Sigh..

merv kwok,
Oh.. too bad.. Its not hard to catch on the plot though.. but i'm suprised you like it!

Merry belated christmas too you too!!!


Happy New Year!

u change your name! =)

Merry christmas to u too!!!


Happy New Year!

-Princess Shin- said...

terra shield,
I really absolutely love LUke! My mum hates him and i dislike her for that! Hehe.. Yup!!! Emily can go drown herself!

Actually the best boyfriend that Rory had was Jess. Though he was bad for her. Wonder where he is now. Personal opinion. Hehe..

Glad we share the same interest! =)

Happy New Year!

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too...

Wow.. Then i must see your daughter someday. Hehe..

Any resemblance?

May you have a victorious year ahead! =)

Anonymous said...

My mom loves that show, the Girlmore girls! I stopped watching it after the first season. I dunno why, just did. Maybe it got better as the seasons progressed.

Anonymous said...

i tried to keep up with gilmore grls, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

so now whenever i come across it on tv, i just sit back and happily listen. after all, the best part is the conversations. (and they all talk so fast that all those complicated sentences fit into the episode time).

i dislike luke intensely, but no idea why.

Anonymous said...

i love the gilmore girls too...and luke...he's the've got some good writing here

-Princess Shin- said...

urban butterfly,
too bad! hehe.. i still love the show! Your mum has good taste! =)

hehe.. their conversations are awesome right! I can hardly understand them sometimes! It seems that their script every episode is a few hundred page long!

My mum hates luke too.. >.< Bad ppl you are!

Oooh.. i think we can be good friends..

you like Gilmore girls, Luke, and most importantly, you praise my writing! Wonderful!


Take care! =)