Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Food in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Hello guys... After so many days of slow internet connection and laziness. =) I can finally blog happily! Hehe...

I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah last week. It took me 2 hours to fly across the South China Sea into KK. I'm a Sabahan. Yup... I was actually born there but migrated over to West Malaysia 8 years ago because my dad found so called 'greener pastures' over there. Needless to say, after 8 years, I am still happily surviving in good ol KL! =)

So for the past whole of last week, I have been around KK slowly savoring all my favorite food which I grew up in. GOodness... even after 8 years, none of them change. They all still taste wonderful! Makes me wanna fly back there all over again and eat it.

The first one that I’m gonna show you is what we call 'Yu Wat' over there. I don't know what is the name of the shop but we call it 'Yu Wat' coz of what they serve there. It is famous for its 'Yu Wat' which is a kind of fish paste weirdly shape ball.

For those KK people I’m sure you guys know what I am talking about. It somewhere near Sunny Garden or something lidat. I used to remember how much I hated going to this place. My mum absolutely loves the Wan Tan Mee (egg noodles) over here and we use to have to come here almost every weekend. I don't like eating Wan Tan Mee so I generally dislike going there too. But after finding out that they served superb Mee Hoon (vermicelli) too... Well I was hooked too.

The Mee Hoon that they served is a bit different that wat they normally serve back in West Malaysia. For one thing, it is much fatter. And I love it that way! Yum!!!

The Wan Tan Mee. Notice the weirdly shape fish paste balls? If you're not carefull you may find a fish bone inside.

They served really nice porridge too. You can choose from a selection of beef slices, weirdly shaped fish paste balls, prawns, and fish slices.

One thing that was a major difference was its pricing. It used to be around RM4 one bowl. Now it’s around RM 6 to RM 7 for one plate of noodles. Wow... Over in small town KK.

But we still went there and eat. Old habits die hard! =)

Even the chrysanthemum they serve here is different. They boil it themselves and even give you the flowers.

You have to filter it yourself.

Cant find it anywhere else!

For dinner we went to this place called 'Man Tai'. If I am not mistaken, the food over there is from Beaufort or something. Another small satellite town in Sabah. They serve rice and noodles. Wonderfully served.

It’s around Supertanker Restaurant. Next to it to be exact but recently when I went back, they seem to have branches all around. Somebody is definitely making money over there.

The best dish over here is the vegetables. I know it looks normal but the taste is really unique. Ahh.. Wonderful!

Egg with char siew! (pork!)

Tou fu!

Sweet and Sour Pork!

And finally the noodles. I am not a big fan of noodles but this is really yummylicious!

And my favourite Fried Mee Hoon!!!! And its the Fat one!

Don't worry... This is not all. KK has much more fattening food than this. But I’m gonna continue some other day! Stay tuned! =)

While I was in KLIA Airport. I took some pictures of the plane I was about to sit. Hmm... I din realize they were gonna make 2007 a year to Visit Malaysia. Yeah... I know... I rarely read the newspapers but hey! They even painted the airplanes that!

So what are you guys waiting for? Come to Malaysia next year! =)

Our majestic Malaysian Airlines airplane ready to take us off!!!


So what are you guys waiting for. Come to Malaysia next year! =)


pink fairy princess sa said...

i think i shall plan a trip to sabah one day...

-Princess Shin- said...

Hehe.. Yup..!!! that's my intention! =)

Anonymous said...

Some nice food pictures

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thanks! =)

Thanks for dropping by!

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The foods look nice.
may i know where can i find em?
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