Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Five things

I am tag again!!! Wahaha... I like being tagged! =) This time it was Janet a.k.a "wonder mom" that tagged me! I'm supposed to state 5 things that u guys don't know about me. Hmm... Where shall I start?

The main objective of this tag is to trigger creative juices in bloggers like us and develop the so called writers in us. Hmm... Wonder whether there's a little writer inside Princess Shin. Let's see... what do u guys wanna know? *thinks hard!*

1. I dream everyday.

Ok... I’m not talking about day-dreaming though I do day dream sometimes but that is another story. I meant dreaming while you're asleep! I do it all the time! Every single time in fact. There is not a day that goes by without me not dreaming. Even if I sleep for 10 minutes, I will still dream! And my dream ranges from getting my test results even before the real results come out to going out with my family, and even dreaming bout myself being pregnant! Oh goodness... scary right? Don't laugh but its true!

It may signify that my sleep are just now deep enough but ah well.. I liked watching tv while I sleep! My very own show! =)

But most of the time I dream about my high school sweetheart. =) I'll leave it at that!

2. I'm a daddy's gal.

I have said it. I admit it. I'm a daddy's gal. My dad is the person I look up to the most. I am actually closer to my dad compared to my mum. It's sad to say this but it's the truth. I remember I used to lie down beside my dad on the bed and beg him to tell me stories. My dad would then conjure up a story and I would just lie beside him listening intently to every word that he says. There's nothing that my dad can't fix. I remember I was terrible at art when I was in school last time and after much begging, he would then proceed to help me to draw, colour or paint and whenever he does it, my painting would then end up on the wall. Hehe... sad though I did not get his creative gene.

Though I still have heart to heart conversation with him now and then, but I sometimes find that there are some things that can't be shared with my dad. However, I still find joy in sitting beside him on the floor and leaning my head against his knees when he sits on his favorite cushion. =)

3.I wanna work for United Nations someday.

Ok... I have said it. There... don't laugh. I have no idea how am I gonna achieve this but it is just it. Nothing much to explain now. Thank you. =)

4. I'm a super greedy eater.

Well... this may not be something that u guys dun know about. The amount of times that I blog about food well... maybe some of u may guess by now. Wahaha... I LOVE FOOD!!! Any kinds of food. Chinese food, Malay food, Indian food, Western food, Spaghetti... ah... everything. I'm an adventurous person when it comes to food. Just give me something new and I’ll definitely try it. But if it's worms, well... it may take some persuasion.

The problem is though, I don't have a big stomach. I tend to order lots of food but end of not finishing it. So poor ppl around me will then have to stuff themselves up so as not to waste food. For that reason, I tend to get scolded A LOT. =( Boohoo...

And because I don't eat a lot, I get hungry VERY FAST!!! Unfortunately, no one wants to eat anymore. And I hate eating alone. See the dilemma here?

5. I get tongue tied when I’m in a fight.

Yup. Believe it or not but I have no control over my little brother at all even though he's 6 years younger than me. Every time we get into an argument, I’ll have nothing to say even though I’m bursting with anger! He will then proceed to fire me with four letter word (he's 13 now!) and win me with his sharp remarks. It's saddening I tell u. Embarrassing too... Sigh... I'm at his mercy.

Wow... that wasn't easy. Finally finish with this. Now it's my turn to tag the others! Wahaha... drop by Sharon's Five Things so she can link u too...

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5. Winged Acrophobic

Have fun telling us ur secrets! Tata...


Anonymous said...

Good job!
I love it.

Thanks for your comments as well...

Maryam in Marrakech said...

I love the dreaming every day and I am a greedy eater, too. But please, I can assure you that you do not want to work for the United Nations. It is really so awful in most things. I have many friends who work there and none of them like it.

Sudiegirl said...

Interesting post -

I'm kind of a daddy's girl...but I'm a momma's girl too in some ways. My dad's passed now, but I am still connected to my mom, and I'm glad for that.

My sister is like you - she'll order huge portions and only eat half of it. I can out-eat her any day of the week but I'm not sure if that should be a point of pride or not.

We're both blogger chicks...great blog!

Anonymous said...

I have a collection of those bears, I think they are so sweet still a big kid at heart.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'll do it as soon as poss.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember whose link I clicked on to come here but I'm now hungrier than ever!

The food looks amazing & it's interesting to see your photos too.

I'll pop back soon to see what you get up to next!

-Princess Shin- said...

Janet a.k.a. "wonder mom"
Thanks! Glad u like it! Take care ya!

Maryam in marrakech,
Ur a greedy eater too? haha.. food is just wonderfull right?

Well.. i'm sure every organization has it's good points and bad points. Most important is do they have the same value as u.

thanks for dropping by!

Thanks! Daddy and mommy's girl! =) Thanks fro dropping by! Hope to see u again!

Really? That's so sweet! There's always a little kid inside of us no matter how old we are! =)

Can't wait! =)

So glad u like it! Hope to see u back soon! =)

Sharon J said...

Thanks for taking part :-) I've added your list to my list of Five Things participants.

I've become a very greedy eater since developing a medical condition that means no matter what I eat, it won't affect my health! Kebabs, burgers, fish n' chips... I luv 'em all :)

-Princess Shin- said...

Sharon J,
Is there seriously a kind of medical condition like tat? Ooh.. Wat is it called? Or are u just pulling my leg.. =(

Thanks for dropping by!

-Princess Shin- said...
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Anonymous said...

Slowly but surely. I will respond to the tag. Cheers!