Sunday, November 19, 2006

Excursion to Malacca -Part 2

Whoa... seems that my imaginary readers are starting to become quite real... It's a wonderful feeling when ppl start to read what u write and actually like it..!!! =) No wonder blogging is so addictive! I feel the love! Hehe...

Well... I stayed in Malacca for 3 days 2 nights. Didn't really go anyway on the 2nd day... just hang out in MMU with Cody the whole day as he had classes. What did I do there u ask? Well... the place I love most... the Library!!! Wahaha... yeah... I’m a confessed nerd! U let anot? =P

On the 3rd day... we went to a few places... shall share with u one thing at a time. For starters though we didn't have the luxury of driving around in a nice comfortable car to get to places. Yup... we had to take public transportation, which was our infamous bus. For those ppl not from Malaysia, the bus service in Malaysia has always been known for its 'punctuality'! Quoted from my father, "I waited for bus for 8 hours to go to my college back in KL then!!!"

I wonder how he manages to attend any of his classes?

Surprisingly though, the busses in Malacca are quite punctual. U just have to wait for around 15-20 minutes and there'll be a bus for u. But... comfort wise... remains to be seen...

Notice the wooden floor? And see the conductor! The man with the bag! =)

Well... let's just say its like air-cond had never been invented. Hehe...

They have these windows which u have to share with the person in front of u and it’s always super black. Every single time after u touch it ur hands would be totally black. Ok... I’m sorta exaggerating but... haha... it's quite nice to feel the wind in ur face but on a hot sticky Malaysian weather? Well... and when u are at a long traffic light? Well... Prepare to love the fumes!!!

This somehow reminds me of hanging oneself.. =(

The amount of fumes that we breathe in... Adding to those inconsiderate j*rks who choose to sit behind and smoke!!! Breathe fumes la u ppl!!! >.<

Me bus tickets!!! Gonna be antique soon...!

Anyway.. we took a bus from MMU to Melaka Central (which is the main bus station in Malacca) and went for our first stop. It's called Yu Kiao! Heard of it? I guess not too... it's weird though but even locals in Malacca dun know the existence of this little treasure! I remember when I was younger, my dad would always make sure that we drove down to Malacca early in the morning as he wanted to eat his 'Yu Kiao'! If we reach after 10:30 am, we know that there's a chance that it's already sold finish. I always wonder what was so big deal about this so called 'Yu Kiao' but after the first bite of it... I was hooked forever. Sigh... till this day, my dad actually spends 2 hours driving down to Malacca just to taste his favorite dish. In actual fact, I don’t' really know wat exactly is Yu Kiao. It's a kind of noodle that uses pork's oil as gravy. And has fish ball and fish slices in it. Not that kind of real fish slices but those made with flour. The dry one is nicer.

My mouth starts dripping saliva even looking at this! =(

2 big bowls for me!!! Sparkling clean! hehe..

This particular shop is located at the market right opposite Malacca Central.

Took this while sitting in the bus! My photo taking skills are improving!

For some reason, there was a bodyguard right outside Uncle Hee's shop

And the man doing it, Ah Hee has been doing it for over 40 years! It seems that he knew my grandmother and up till this day, my dad doesn't have the heart to tell him that my grandmother passed away last year. Sad thing right. The thing is I don't think my children will be able to enjoy what I’m enjoying now. It's a dying trait! He's at least 70 years old!

I was actually quite embarrassed to take photo of the small stall over here. But for some reason Uncle Hee was more than delighted when he saw me holding a camera. He even did a post for me! So sweet!!! Take care ya Uncle Hee... =)

It's my daddy's birthday today..!!! Happy Birthday dad!!! =) Gave him cufflinks! Hope he liked it..


Anonymous said...

waited for 8 hours for the bus? Is that for real? Just curious!

aprilcherrie said...

wow... long time didnt take those bus edi...

Anonymous said...

Hey welcome back Princess! I've never been to Malacca but I've been to Penang several times. I gotta say that although I liked satay, I like the chicken rice better. Had it almost everyday for lunch. :D

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Eh, can smoke in bus in Mlk? That totally sucks man! >.<

-Princess Shin- said...

I have no idea but that's wat my dad said!

I know wat u mean.. super anchient right?

I shall share the chicken rice later! The best is in Malacca! =)

Done it! Take care ya!

Merv Kwok,
Yup! Terrible right! Argh!!! Those ppl are %*&#^)(*!!!

Anonymous said...

Did u visit Malacca High. I went to school there.

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