Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lazing around..

Sorry for not blogging for so many days... After my SAT all I knew was to go out and have fun! Haha... been watching movies, going out and savoring delicious Malaysian food around PeeJay! Wahaha... well... I HAVE been stuck in my house for god knows how long! Haha... n well... adding to the fact my boyfriend is also back! So now I have a driver to drive me around! =) hope he doesn't read this! Hehe...

I feel a bit weird though... nothing else to worry about or do... I mean concerning studies... all this holiday has definitely made my brain weak and lazy! So... I think I’m gonna go for some classes... maybe Japanese class or something. Since I took Japanese class for 2 months in Uni... I should continue right? Anyone know of any good place for classes? I know there's one in Chow Yang... but it's RM230 for 3 months! (For those non-Malaysian, US 3.8 dollars is RM1!) Is it expensive? 2 hours per week! Hmm... Dunno how am I gonna persuade my parents. I mean staying at home bumming is already wasting money... wat more going out there n spent SOMEMore Money!!! Sigh... =)

There's another class I feel like going too... It may sound like a shock to u guys though... prepare k? HAha... I wanna take up belly dancing classes! HAha... sounds weird right? I know there's a lot of misconception regarding belly dancing... it being an erotic dance and all that... but it is actually a very cultural dance, first of all belly dancing was used for celebration in Egypt long time ago and it was danced by both men and women. Furthermore, women did belly dancing after child birth too... dun ask me why though... =) For health purposes, it's good for building muscles around your abdomen and increasing flexibility! And most important it's FUN!!! But it's expensive though... RM 120 (US 30) for one month! One hour per week! What dya think?

Well... according to Shoshana, she said she hates pedicures and manicures! I wonder y? I absolutely love them! HAha... just sitting there reading a magazine and soaking your legs in luke warm water, after that letting our precious feet be massage, clean.. Making it look super pretty!!! Isn’t tat nice? I know my mum hates it though! She hates other ppl touching her legs! I once gave her a pedicure voucher for her birthday and well... she didn't like my pressie! But we went anyway... both mother and daughter... but she was complaining the whole way... least to say I dun think I’ll be bringing her to a pedicurist anytime soon! She liked the effect though... her toes being colorful! Made my daddy laugh! Hahah.

Well... coz it's expensive... around RM 50 (around US 12) if you want flowers on your big toes which cost RM 5 bucks each! Normally it would cost around RM 40 only without any designs but wat's the point? I like the flowers! Wahaha... so I can only manage to go for pedicure maybe 3 times a year! HAha... tat's the amount i have been to the whole of my life! =)

The first time I went to one was last year. When my boyfriend gave me a voucher for Christmas... Hehe... sweet right? He knew that I have never been to one before and wanted to try for one badly so he went over to the nail shop and ask for the prices and stuff! And bought me a voucher for both pedicure and manicure! Wahaha... so sweet... though I haven’t tried doing manicure yet... it's weird..!!! Don’t ya think so? But main point is I play the piano... so I have to have super short nails and it's not worth it when you colour on super short nails! Right?

So wanna see my new pedicure? Hehe... I dun really know how to take good pictures though... it sort of looks like I have half feet or something! Oh well... you get the picture! Haha...

Nice anot? =)

If you see properly, which I doubt you can, all of my toes have designs. The pedicurist, Olivia told me that since I was her new customer she would do all my toes for an extra RM 15 bucks only! As in add another RM5 for all the other toes! So my grand total was RM 53!!! Expensive right? but oh well.. hehe..

hope it last till Christmas though! Which I really doubt it will... Nevermind... I shall treat myself to another round! No worries! Wahaha...


FireHorse said...

Go for the belly dancing. Believe me it's fun and very sensual. Sensual in a good way, that is you learn to control each part of your body. For instance, you learn to move your hips while holding your upper half very still and vice versa. Done correctly it is a very graceful classy dance. I know we have all seen the embarrassing belly baring dancers that just shakes and jiggles everything they got. That's really a misconception of what belly dancing is. I have been belly dancing for a year now and absolutely love it. It makes you aware of muscles that you never even knew existed. For instance I learn how to flip a coin on my stomach and that made me very aware of my stomach muscles and what they can do. So go ahead try it.

kyels said...

Go for belly dancing classes. It's a nice dance and I don't think it's erotic. Plus, not everyone can belly dance. Hehe.

Well, I dislike pedicures and manicures too ... Not to say that I hate it or what, it's just that I am not interested in it.


-Princess Shin- said...

thanks for dropping by! u can flip a coin with ur stomach? wow.. amazing! You muz be good! =)

I think i'm gonna seriously consider going for belly dancing class!!! hehe..

take care!

Shoshana said...

ha ha ha. Yeah, I hate mani and pedi, I like the result after, but I hate sitting there doing nothing. I mean I could read a magazine and all that, but still it takes time.

Same reason with make-up. On and off of make-up takes at least 30 minutes on average. If I do that everyday, there's 365 of half-hours I would lose and never get back. LOL

Tm Lee said...

Lets say if you had a habit of biting toe nails...i wonder what taste would it be? Tropical flavour?


Anonymous said...

belly dancing .. he..he..

-Princess Shin- said...

Looks to me time is very precious for you! =) You live every second meaningfully! haha.. keep up the good work!

Haha.. i guess.. it's hard bitting ur own toe nails tho.. i'm not tat flexible! haha

>.< anything wrong? haha..

Thebodytalk said...

Hi princess shin

My post is dedicated to you.

Anonymous said...

You have funny toes, Princess! HAHAHA! I love going to the nail spa. I go every two weeks. It's not that expensive in the Philippines.

Belly dancing is all the rage here as well. I want to try it, too! Want to go together? :p

You must be super relieved to be done with your exams. Woohoo!

Mr Hobo said...

what big toes u have

-Princess Shin- said...

The Body Talk,
Thanks!!! I have a post dedicated to me!!! Woohoo..!!! =)

I have weird toes? =( boohoo..

Ok.. Let's go belly dancing together! Hehe..

Em.. Ok.. =(