Friday, October 20, 2006


It has been ages since I last went out with a group of gals. Ever since I started dating which was around 2 years ago, I social life has shrink to the size of a small peanut to say the least! It's not that I dislike going out with gals or that I dun have any galfriends, but somehow galfriends outing are non-existent nowadays.

Maybe it's because my 2 best friends from high school are having their own individual lives now. One is in Australia studying architecture and the other one is still in Malaysia but she's literally a super gal, busy with her college stuff, peace activities and stuff lidat! So I guess 3 of us have slowly grown apart! I find it terribly sad though sometimes... we were so close when we were in high school, the gal from Aus would stay over in my house and we would stay up till 4-5am juz yakking away! There was nothing we could not share with each other. But now... I rarely chat with her even with all these technologies!!! It's sad! And truth be told, though I find it a waste to let a friendship like this go to waste, I dun really want things to change either. We have grown to be 2 different individuals.

The super gal, Liz however has always been perfect in every way. She brilliant in her studies, active in multiple activities ranging from raising awareness of HIV to youth, attending a international youth camp in Korea, to organizing events for her United Nations Club in her college. Needless to say, her life is super pack and well sometimes I do feel a bit intimidated by her. =( But I miss her though, sometimes. I do wanna know everything that is going on in her life but I'm afraid we have pass that stage where we can share our innermost thoughts as easily as we used too... We are so close yet so far! Argh...

Yesterday was different though. I had this friend, Kat, she juz came back for holidays from India. Interesting right? She's studying dentistry in Maniple. So me, Kat, Liz and another galfriend from high school, went to 1U (a shopping complex) together. It was quite fun actually to finally sit down with a bunch of gals chit chatting about girly stuff and laughing non-stop over silly jokes! Gal friends are definitely important in one's life! I miss those shopping sprees together, asking each other's opinion whether this top is nicer or the other top from the other shop is nicer. And going back and forth because we juz can't make up out minds! Giggling over silly stuff like boys! it sure beats going shopping with the boy that is forever complaining that his legs are tired and shows his displeasure when you wanna return to the shop you juz left because you wanna see the skirt again! I miss those days.

Yesterday was one of those days. Though it did not include any shopping but juz sitting together chatting was definitely the highlight of my day! =)


Anonymous said...

Try not to neglect your girlfriends. They will always be there for you through all the diferent boys that will come and go in your lives. Happy weekend, Princess! :p

Thebodytalk said... with friends is better than with your man who knows only one question and keeps asking you "Have you done?"

When you turn into for his suggestion, he will shrink his face and looks puzzling and tries to check the price before he answers.

Gal friends are just opposite from your man in this case. So have fun with your friends.

-Princess Shin- said...

Ok.. Girlfriends are equally important! Have a nice week ahead of u too.. =)

Guys are terrible shopping partners!!! TERRIBLE!!! >.<