Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I din want it to end this way..

Sigh... I have officially made up my mind to quit my university. But I certainly din want it to end this way. I know I have got a responsibility in doing my part in watever presentation there was but now... >.<


I admit it's my fault for not going back to the university for the past 2 weeks but is it my fault when I didn't know I was supposed to do everything? Goodness!!! You guys just take it for granted that because my English is a bit better than the rest of the group members it's my responsibility to COMPLETE the whole &%$#%%# thing for you guys? EXCUSE ME??? So now it's my fault for not being there when I suddenly juz realize that the presentation is next week??? For god's sake, I was not there remember? How am I supposed to know?


*smashes computer now*

sorry Mr. Computer... you are a strong wan I know!

Just because I’m all nice and soft spoken DOES NOT give you the right to push everything to me!!! And I was actually looking forward to giving the presentation with you guys! Even though there was nothing in it for me!!! I was going to leave anyway... But I wanted to leave in a nice way.. but now..

ARGH!!! >.<

All said and done though... I hope they do a good job! I still had my share in doing it anyway... For most part!

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