Tuesday, October 03, 2006

-A little small 'introduction'-

Hello again.. i was just thinking since i'm startin a blog now.. i should also put in a little introduction.. just in case when i get really famous (yeah right.. go sleep!) ppl would know a little bit about me..

Ok.. let's see.. em.. judging from the pink background.. well.. obviously i'm d ever confusing-mysterious-prone to pms-shopoholic-fickle minded female species. proud to be one by the way just em.. a little scared to give birth to a baby in the future.. many years to come hopefully.. but tat's another story altogether..

I was born on 1st of March 1987.. and if your maths is brilliant.. you can make a guess that yeah.. i'm 19 this year.. 2006.. am very happy to be born on the first day of a month!!! haha.. like the number 1! feel free to drop any gifts on my birthday.. hehe... no? guess not.. =(

I'm studyin in a local public university now.. somewhere in Selangor. Why IPTA (institute pengajian tinggi awam for those 'iliterate' malaysians) you ask.. well.. i didn't want to study there at first.. just wanted to try try only.. mana tau ended up here.. in my 1st year now.. studyin environmental science (wat's tat? study environment la..wat else?).. mayb i can save the world someday..

But currently i'm tryin to apply to an American Uni.. not gonna tell to much coz you know la.. i abit supertitious wan.. hehe.. heard about the thing when you tell people your wish after you blow your candles it wont come true.. well.. crossing my fingers.. toes.. and watever more that is crossable.. hope i get accepted.. will know on the 1st of Dec 2006.

That's why i'm abit of a dilemma now.. should i continue where i'm studying now or just quit since i'm gonna leave? sigh.. this thing has been going thru my head 100000000 times..

TO quit or not to quit.. tat is the question..

wat if i dun get..? then i got no uni to study anymore

but i cannot have doubts.. =( ---------- =) yeah!!!

anyway.. continue with my introduction..

I'm from PJ, Selangor.. i live with my family.. one lil brother.. 2 'normal' parents.. 1 mum and 1 dad i mean.. not 2 mums and 2 dads..  love them tho just like any normal family i quarel with my mum especially.. A LOT!!! currently for watever unknown reason.. she has been ignoring me the whole day..

I like shopping!!! i mean lu..r..ve!!! a lot.. really A lot!!! i know midvalley.. one utama at the back of my hand!!! my friends use to call midvalley my 2nd home coz i go there every single weekend!!! due to the fact my dad thinks tat is the only place he can bring to make his family bond! haha.. i dun mind it at all since it's just an opportunity to use daddy's money..

Yeah.. i'm a daddy's gal.. =)

Unfortunately now.. i'm staying in my hostel.. only come back during the weekends.. therefore i dun get to shop as much.. &  i have a boyfriend, Cody of 2 and a half years.. met in high school but now in separate unis.. see each other only during the weekends.. we used to see each other every single day.. later if all goes well.. i may only see him after 4 years (how ah?).. so.. crossing my arms and legs again.. i love watching the movies too.. so watch out for upcoming blogs on movies.. love eating too.. i dun eat to live but i live to eat.. haha.. i eat like 6 meals a day.. forever hungry wan.. especially now tat i'm living in the hostel (which serves malay food everywhere.. it isnt tat bad.. but when you're force to eat the same old thing every meal.. sigh..) it's even worst... when i get back during the weekends.. it's just food.. food... and more food!! I love reading too.. if i have the time.. my SAT (an exam to get into the american uni) is coming.. oct 14th.. so i'm trying very hard to study but failing miserably.. which brings me to another point.. I AM A PROCRASTINATOR! a very good wan.. i dun think there's another person tat puts off doing things as worst as me.. i only work under stress.. if the thing is needed in 2 months.. i will only start doin it a few hours before tat 2 months dateline! absolutely terrible.. but miraculously.. things always seem to get done perfectly even with the time constrain! haha.. I'm never puntual too.. =( always late for stuff.. when the thing is suppose to start at 10.. i'll leave my house at 10:10.. and normally reach the destination at 10:30.. if i'm lucky.. but because of malaysia's culture.. i'm usually the 1st one there at 10:30.. I dun think this will be a very good resume.. =| I'm a self-confessed shopaholic too.. products ranging from clothes (favourites include Forever 21, MNG, plastic, Topshop.. just to name a few).. to CDs.. to turtles (soft toys la.. my current craze.. they're super cute!).. to magazines (favourites include Cleo, Men's Health *wink* watcha thinking? u read before ah?).. and finally when i have the extra cash..which is not really possible.. books.. hehe.. or else go library lo.. These are my favourites.. got somemore wan.. but camera too hungry di.. fainted*
These are super cute.. if you look carefully.. the mummy's shell has a zip.. and when u unzip it.. she will suddenly 'give birth' to 2 cute lil baby turtles.. simply adorable!

Remember this? he was from Finding Nemo..got it from Sidney, Australia..not cheap.. think about RM20 bucks for this small lil key-chain.. which i dun even use coz scared it'll be black! =( dun think he has a name tho..dun think any of them hav a name.. can u remember? the one tat was too lazy to swim and had to 'tumpang'(hitch a ride) thru the Australian current or something.. oh god.. he's super cute too.. look at his big giant eyes.. kinda like mine.. hehe.. good thing or bad thing?

This is a real one though.. i think it's d olive turtle or green turtle.. i just finish my exam.. pardon me for my forgetfullness... FYI.. there's endangered.. so no eating of turtle's eggs k people!!! shall educate you guys on turtles some day.. =)

So.. like i sed.. i'm just a typical malaysian gurl..



Artemis said...

I love turtles too...and the mummy with the too little turtles is just....SWEET!!!

Suzie said...

I like the cute pics..ooh so adorable