Sunday, September 24, 2006

-Tribute to Miss Proton-

She was a 1989 first batch Proton Saga.. my parents first car.. my very first car too..

She used to fetch me around everywhere.. it was my family's only car...

I used to remember my dad fetching me to my kindergargen every single morning when i was like 5 or 6. Tat time i was still in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Yeah.. i am a Sabahan. Long time ago.. long story.. will talk about that some other time. I was from Chung Hwa Kindergarden. Wonder if there's anyone from there? in that 15 mins of car ride with my dad.. we would have small little kiddy chats along the way which of coz i cannot remember anything now.. unfortunately.. but i do remember something very well.. i have this favourite cassette of mine which daddy knew of coz but didnt really like. So right after i get into the car.. i would scold my dad and ask him

'why u never put on my favourite cassette oh.. bad daddy'

Then i would proceed to put it on myself and enjoy it.

For your information.. the cassette was Richard Clayderman. I absolutely love him. At tat tender age of 5 or 6.. i have no idea why i liked him but i just did. My favourites were 'hello', 'memory' and etc..

Weird right?

Other times when he picked me up after my school.. i would entertained him with the songs i learned from my kindergarden. I remember very clearly tat right after the last school bell rang, all of us would have to stand up.. greet the teacher goodbye and sing the 'carrying bag' song.. i don't know whether anyone of you know this song.

'bei zhe shu bao fang xue liao' (literal translation means carry bag finish school already)

I said literal translation!

And wonderful as my daddy is.. he later proceed to memorize the song and sing along together with me. And in years to come.. even used this to tease me!

But after that my dad got promoted and he was given a company car. It was a four wheel drive. For KL-ians that have never seen a four wheel drive before well.. i don't have a picture with me so.. needless to say.. Miss Proton was then neglected as no one really wanted to drive her anymore.

But then my daddy changed job and we moved to KL after that. tat was in year 1998. Thankfully Miss Proton came along although it cost us RM 1000 to bring her over the ocean. It was definately worth it though..

It was our main transportation for the next 3 years until my parents bought a new car.. A Nissan Cefiro.. which my daddy proudly calls 'Sei fei lou'. It was definately a vast improvement compared to the then ageing Miss Proton. There was many a times where i would rather sit 'sei fei lou' then Miss Proton.

Imagine this in gold and a bit older without the nice black background.. Still not bad right?

I'm sorry Miss Proton.

Then i turned 17.. and for very obvious reasons, my parents absolutely phobited me to drive 'sei fei lou'.. therefore i was forced to drive Miss Proton.

And it was also then tat i developed my feelings towards it.

It took me everywhere..

To school.. to the library.. to my boyfriend's house.. to pak toh.. to 'yam cha' with my gal-friends..


And it was a manual car too.. so this made me an envy to all my other friends as most of them, after they got their driving license.. never ever touched a manual car after that. So naturally i was always getting responses like

'wah.. u can drive manual car ah? geng woh..'

something lidat..

I decorated with girly stuff all over it too.. =)

But now tat it's over 17 years of age.. my parents have decided to sell it.. much to my objection!!! I kept on arguing tat it was in perfect condition.. just like a brand new car.. but as usual.. overprotective dad argued tat it was too old and needed to be get rid of as soon as possible.. coz it may 'burst' anytime on the road!!! ARGH!!!

and for a mere RM 3500!! it's such a bargain!!! it's still brand new!!! clean and shining!!!

Though there are somethings that gives away how old she actually is..

See that M&M.. my mum put that sticker up one fine day 10 years ago.. now.. you can't tear it off at all.. it has melted into the window.. See me in the background? hehe..

I got back from uni one fine day.. and my Miss Proton was.. *gone*

I miss my car.. *sob*

To the new owner..




Irene Tuazon said...


We also had an old Nissan for a family car. It was always breaking down at the most inopportune moments. I rejoiced when my parents finally sold it. But I admit, sometimes I miss the darn thing.

Keep blogging! c",)

-Princess Shin- said...

mine didn't break down..!!! my parents were totally overeacting!!! my miss proton were totally fine!!! =( sad sad.. now i dun have any car now..

take care! =)