Monday, September 25, 2006

I have got a reader! Hip Hip Hurray!

Yahoo..!!! Somebody actually reads my post!!! Hurray!!! i have 1 comment today!!! haha..

Joy to the world.. Congratulations.. and Celebrations!!! champagne anyone?

ok.. cool down shin.. no biggie.. everyone has readers.. other blogs have like over a thousand a day.. calm down!!!

Yahoo!!! i have a reader!!! *all smiles*

I would like to thank my parents for their support.. my boyfriend.. though he still hasn't found my blog yet.. and my friends.. last but not least.. but most importantly.. my readers.. or reader.. anything..!!! thank you thank you..

*bows to the audience*

sigh.. i'm happy now.. someone actually reads my blog.. *continues to smile to the computer*

thank you artemis..

and i posted a comment on one of the blogs.. one of the links over there.. on your right.. and she replied me!!! *smiles again* bloggers are nice people! Thank you irene!

I'm on the 'A world of Bloggers' too.. it's supposed to be a blog specially to connect bloggers from all over the world.. cool rite? didn't know he would add me so fast.. *smiles again*

ok.. i know i'm overeacting.. people must think i'm crazy or plain childish.. a bit pai seh too(shy and embarassed) but..


though i think i have officially scared off everyone in this blogospere of ever leaving a comment let alone touch my blog again.. =(

to be loved is better to not experience love at all.. or something lidat..

you get wat i mean.. =)

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