Sunday, September 24, 2006


Ok.. my biological clock isn't ticking here if tat's wat you're asking.. i'm only 19 years old for crying out loud.. =) hehe.. but yeah.. i have always had an interest with little kids.. preferably before they turn 6 coz tat's the time they slowly turn into monsters!!! No more those cute chubby hands and they are officially 'uncarrieble' now.. meaning they are too heavy to be carried anymore... sad.. sad..

I remember when i was small.. i used to follow my parents when they visited their friends.. and their friends would have little adorable toddlers tat will either be sitting on the floor or playing in their baby cot. While my parents would be busy catching up with their friends.. i would slowly but surely go over to the toddler and try and to get him/her to play with me. Let me tell you it's not an easy task.. these babies were certainly very street-wise!


They would crawl or look away whenever i try and baby talk with them. and when i'm really unlucky.. will give a loud cry and i'm done! The protective parents would then look my away wondering wat awful thing i had done to their precious little jewels..

so poor me would have to patiently coax them into slowly trusting me.. and most of the time i do succeed.. after 1 or 2 hours and by that time.. it's time for me to go home.. >.<

so yeah.. so like i said.. i love kids.. maybe i would make a career out of it.. or maybe not.. who knows..

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