Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Squid and the Whale

Weirdest movie ever. Seriously. I guess some people may think its an art. A thought provoking satisfying indie film. But I guess I'm more of a blockbuster kind of girl and this movie was just..

A little sick.

I watch movies to escape the realities of life in general. Not to be reminded of the awkward moments that we face daily. I like the explosions and the fireworks.

Certainly none of those here.

Its basically a story about two brothers trying to get through in their own way their parents' divorce.

Its just the weirdest film ever.

Not my cup of tea.

This picture is super awkward too. But hahaha.. sickly interesting. I guess because we can somehow relate to it because life is like that. Sickening at times. We can't help but be self-destructive and pull the people we care for down the drain together too. And every family is dysfunctional in a comforting kind of way. Just to what degree that's all.

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