Thursday, August 09, 2012

Feeling the Sunshine in Your Life

The world is a harsh place to live in. As a kid, I remember I always wanted to grow up and be an adult because it looked cool! But seriously though.. being an adult is not easy. I never had a day where there was no worry at all that floated around in my sick little brain.

And some people have it harder than others. But regardless.. everyone faces some sort of an obstacle or another be it relationship, financial troubles, work problems, etc etc. And of course its natural to feel upset or brought down by all these huge problems. However, because of that, people tend to use the word "depression" a little too much. I understand if you feel down or sad. But depression is a medical condition with specific set of symptoms. People who suffer from depression experiences emotions that are a whole new level of "sadness" that regular people face each day. They have to take medications to even be able to think straight and not feel like they should just disappear from the face of the earth 24/7, 365 days a year. And sometimes, they have to suffer from cymbalta side effects.When people use the word "depression" in such a careless way, it takes away the magnitude of seriousness that people with real depression suffer from.

So next time, when you're down because things are not going well in your work place or with your family, think twice before telling a friend that you feel "depressed." Because technically, a person that feels "depressed," generally would not go around telling the world they feel that way. Most likely, they will just lock themselves in the room, close all the curtains and hope the ground will swallow them up. But I'm probably just generalizing and if so, I apologize.

And please note I am in no way disregarding people who really suffer from depression. I sincerely respect you. =) Things will get better, I promise.

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