Friday, August 03, 2012

Aging Gracefully

Growing old is most times seen as something negative. And people with abundance youth tend to scorn at the older generation because to them, its something that is far away. We are bombarded with ads about aging cream, plastic surgery, etc etc. The society itself looks down on the elderly where in actual fact, they should reward them for the long years of service, for their many years of experience and wisdom.

Aging is part of life. So is illness. And unfortunately, aging and illness go in tandem with each other. Your bones and your organs slowly start to degenerate over the years. But with recent medical technologies, people are starting to live longer. We even have technologies that try to prevent both, delaying the aging process and making sure that people can live independently even though they're old, like Cybertech. My grandparents themselves passed away when they were in their mid-60s and early 70s. But so many of my friends here have grandparents that are alive and still living their own lives at the age of 90! Crazy right?

If you don't fear aging, but instead embrace it and respect it, you might just be able to enjoy life right now at the present moment.

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